Kill Bad Credit is an online marketplace that sells information on how to remove negative items off your credit report.

What Is Kill Bad Credit?

There's nothing on the Kill Bad Credit website that reveals who is behind this product. However, in checking the site's registration we have discovered that the website itself is registered to a Jonah Burton, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

In our research, we found a Jonah Burton living in Atlanta listed on LinkedIn who works as a data integrity analyst for Treliant Risk Advisors.

Burton's profile lists several banking and financial service jobs, including a specialization in lending, making it seem as if this Jonah Burton and the owner of the website is the same person.

However, the included resume on Burton's LinkedIn page lists a different last name – Jonah Addis – and a slightly different Atlanta address. However, the grammar, spelling, and writing style found on the LinkedIn page correlates closely with the Kill Bad Credit website.

These are all strong indicators that this Jonah Burton/Addis is the same person who owns the site.

This also makes us think that Kill Bad Credit is Burton's side hustle when he's away from work as a data integrity analyst.

Kill Bad Credit Product

The core product that is sold by Kill Bad Credit is a paperback book entitled Credit Bureau Secrets Exposed: All The Tools You need To Eliminate Negative Items Off Your Credit Report In 5 Simple Steps.

The book, which purportedly contains information from lending industry insiders that teaches you how to navigate the system to your favor, is $47.

All sales are handled through ClickBank, which provides a 60-day money back guarantee on all purchases made through the payment processor.

Kill Bad Credit Opportunity

Kill Bad Credit also offers an affiliate income earning opportunity for anyone interested in marketing Credit Bureau Secrets Exposed themselves.

Affiliates can earn 60% commission rates on every order. After ClickBank fees, each sale nets $28.20 cents in commissions.

Kill Bad Credit has a detailed affiliate resources page to support this marketing process, loaded with banner images of different sizes, promotional YouTube videos, and nearly two dozen text files for email marketing campaigns.

Kill Bad Credit Verdict

We're not sure that the core product promoted by Kill Bad Credit is of a high enough quality to be anything more than a modest income opportunity for affiliates.

Judging by a sample of the book – which is also listed on Amazon for nearly the same price – the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of this product is nothing short of atrocious.

Reviewers have complained about this on Amazon, pointing out how absolutely unreadable Credit Bureau Secrets Exposed truly is.

As mentioned above, the grammar patterns of the book match those of content on the Kill Bad Credit site and on Burton's LinkedIn page (on a side note, the author of the book is listed as a Yunis Adon El, though this is likely just a pen name).

Quality issues aside, Burton does seem to have an inside track on the world of financial lending. This means that there are probably more than a few diamonds in the rough sandwiched between the paperback covers of his book, and this is a selling point in its favor.

However, the presentation of the product is so abysmal that it's likely to turn customers off. That means you're not going to be as successful marketing this product as an affiliate as you would with a professionally edited book.

With Credit Bureau Secrets Exposed bearing all the hallmarks of a self-published book, it's obvious there was no editorial or proofing process at work here.

Likewise if you're interested in just the content of the book for your own credit report scrubbing needs, we really can't recommend paying $47 for it.

Your alternatives are buying it, getting the information you can from it, and then asking for a refund through ClickBank – which is rather unethical – or finding a copy of the book available through a reseller like Amazon for less than list price.


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