KoinMe is an online earning opportunity where individuals sign up for free and can earn credits called “Koins” for completing activities such as watching video clips. KoinMe additionally offers an affiliate program for those willing to earn commissions on their recruitment activities.

What Is KoinMe?

There’s no information available on the KoinMe website that would reveal who runs the company. The only information that is available is buried in the company’s Terms and Conditions page, which reveals the company is at least registered in Delaware; however, it’s very common to incorporate a company in this state and not actually do business there, as Delaware’s laws are decidedly pro-business.

Likewise the site’s registration information is just as unhelpful. The company site was registered in July of 2017 through a private domain registration service, making it impossible to know the identity of whoever is behind the company. This, combined with the lack of information on the site, lead us to believe that the best we can pinpoint KoinMe’s owner and administrator is somewhere in the United States.

Normally, when we encounter a company that goes out of its way to not reveal the power behind the throne, it’s a sign of possible trouble. This goes double whenever the company deals with financial services. However, KoinMe isn’t the sort of company that requests money of its members – in fact, it pays them for their trouble – so it’s less of an issue here. Still, if becoming involved in a company that you literally know nothing about doesn’t sit right with you, KoinMe might not be the best choice.

KoinMe Product

KoinMe is a free membership service where users can register for an account and can then begin to earn credit for activities they do through the KoinMe site. The primary activity KoinMe offers is watching short video clips in exchange for Koins, the currency the site uses.

Koins accumulate at a rate of around 1 Koin per 3 to 5 minutes of video watched. Unlike similar “earn to watch” membership sites, members don’t have to have the video front and center on their computer screens – they can actually minimize the window or go do something else and let KoinMe run in the background. This has led some members to simply let the program run constantly.

However, KoinMe caps Koin accumulation at 100 Koins in a 24-hour period. This reduces the effectiveness of the “leave it on all the time” strategy.

KoinMe’s payout threshold – the number of Koins that you need to accumulate in order to receive rewards – is 1000 Koins. Each Koin is roughly equivalent to $0.01 USD. Rewards available to members include $10 digital gift cards for many major e-Commerce establishments such as Amazon.

Currently, signing up for KoinMe provides an initial bonus of 500 Koins, halving the number of Koins needed for your first payout.

KoinMe is offered exclusively to individuals residing in the United States.

KoinMe Opportunity

In addition to earn up to 100 Koins a day for watching videos – or letting them run in the background – KoinMe offers a simple affiliate recruitment scheme as well. Providing a referral code to new members entitles affiliates to 10% of that new member’s earnings for life.

KoinMe Verdict

KoinMe is a simple, straightforward opportunity that, while nothing to write home about, also seems to be completely on the up-and-up. Independent reviews we’ve investigated concerning the program all say the same thing – there’s no way you’re going to get rich with KoinMe, but it pays out on its obligations.

Learning that KoinMe does pay out means there’s no danger of a scam when it comes to the company. At the same time, because of the inherent limitations of the system – only earning 1 Koin for up to 5 minutes of your time and being capped at 100 Koins a day – means that the best you can hope for would be around $30 worth of digital gift cards a month.

Meanwhile, the affiliate program is a welcome addition but doesn’t add up to much more in the long run. For every affiliate you have in your downline that also performs to maximum, you’d earn just another $3 in credit. You would need 10 recruits, all working as hard as you, to double your output to $60 a month. This is hardly quit-your-job money.

Our recommendation – if you feel like making a few bucks here and there, KoinMe might not be a bad program to have running in the background. However, if you’re looking for a more robust income earnings opportunity, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

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