Kula Brands is a new revolutionary way for you to earn money by promoting new products and inventions through crowd sourcing. The company allows you to sign up and see what other members are creating. Once you pick the product you believe in, you can then start promoting and selling it to other people. From there, you earn commissions every time the product is sold through your affiliate link and website.

The Company

According to Who.is, Kula Brands was registered on March 2016 and updated September 2016. The site is registered to Mr. Peter Gantner in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Mr. Gantner has been involved with other companies such as Visalus from 2008-2012 and Lyoness from 2012-2013.

The Product

Kula Brands doesn't offer any products that the company makes. Instead, members invent products and try to sell them through the Kula Brands platform. When it boils down to what Kula Brands is, you can think of it like Clickbank. You have a massive amount of products stored and sold through the platform and affiliates who promote the products. That is basically what Kula Brands does as well.

In order to become a member and sell your inventions or promote products, you have to pay $199. The site doesn’t explain why the cost is so much. Nor does it give any details as to where the funds go.  Kula Brands does, however, mention that the price will increase in the near future.

The Opportunity

Like Clickbank, Kula Brands allows you to earn money by promoting products. Once a product is sold, you earn the commission. The site, however, doesn't go into detail on how much percentage you can make per sale. It does state that you earn points when a product is sold and not money. In order to cash out and receive funds, you have to have a certain amount of points in your account. Again, the point system isn’t shown on the site so it’s hard to say how much you will earn.

Another way you can earn with Kula Brands is by signing up for their 12 x $20 program. Although there isn't any information provided on the site about this program, you will find it in the drop-down menu on the site.

Once there, click the “Join 12x $20” where you will be redirected to PayPal. On PayPal, you will have to fill out your information and wait to see if you are accepted.

The Verdict

While you won't see many business modules that try to mimic Clickbank, this one does so with style. However, there are a few red flags that come up. First, the products on the site are few. In fact, you will only see one on the website for “ZipnStore.” Suppose since the site is still relatively new you won't find much. Perhaps if you wait a few more months before joining there will be more for you to promote.

Another thing is the cost. $199 is a lot of money to throw at something that is still in its infant stage. There is no telling how this company will do over time and making that kind of commitment is well, risky. Of course, if you happen to have an invention that will take off and you need help promoting it, then Kula Brands might be exactly what you are looking for.

No matter which way the coin drops, you will find good points and not so good points about Kula Brands. If you are interested it would be best for you to give the site a bit more time than to jump on the bandwagon right away. Maybe in time they will announce the commissions and rates for promoting products which might increase the buzz around the company. Till then, bookmark it and come back later when they have more to offer you.

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