Launchpad is good but not too good?

Launchpad allows you to automate your marketing. It’s that simple.

The V12 group created Launchpad in order to make email marketing simpler and efficient.

In order to give your business visibility you need to reach as much as people you can. So when you are doing this you need to engage as much you can with your audience. This will mean that you have to use multiple platforms to achieve this goal. However, this will require you to spend a significant amount of time if you are doing this across multiple platforms. Launchpad offers a solution to this dilemma.

I run a business and I am always interested in efficiency. This allows me to automate the tasks that need automation and allows me to focus on things that require my attention. Launchpad piqued my interest because of this. How could it help me develop my brand and manage my customers? Launchpad hypes it up by saying that it will help you attract more customers, get more sales, and get faster results. These are steep promises. How does it do it?

Here are Launchpad’s applications that they say will help you.

Emails: Allows you to upload existing contacts quickly. You can segment your emails however you see fit. You can separate potential customers versus customers that you already have. This allows you to efficiently communicate with your existing customers and attract new ones as well.

Display: Tracks your banner ads that you run on websites. The application allows you to track everything related to banner advertising. That includes location, maintaining your budget, choosing who gets to see it, and the distribution of your ad.

Social: Here’s a basic reality – social media gobs up too much of your time. You visit Facebook and hours later you find out that you are behind on whatever project you are working. Social media is designed to consume as much of your time as possible. Launchpad social media app mitigates this excess time consumption. You can reach your audience easily, check relevant statistics, and see how your posts/pages are doing. You can also schedule all of your content so that social media doesn’t consume your time anymore. It’s a great solution.

Print & Mail: Old school but it still works. You can manage all of the mail that you send with this application. You can track stuff like coupons, gift cards and other things associated with direct mail advertising. The cool thing about Launchpad is that they’ll write and send the mail for you. Once you have everything done Launchpad handles everything for you.

My Customers: Launchpad allows you to track and manage all of your customers. They give you data that will allow you to make better decisions with how you deal with your customers. You are able to create all sorts of web forms, manage your customer list on whatever criteria that you want, and remove/add records. There’s a lot of things you can do with Launchpad.

There’s also the cloud based tools.

Lead Builder: Allows you to get more leads with their existing framework. You can get potential leads because the creators already gave you an existing foundation for you to grab them. The data is ready. All you have to do is sort through them and get leads.

Profiles: This feature allows you to better understand who your customer is and what he/she wants. The profile app allows you to create a profile of your ideal customer and target market. By creating an ideal profile you can set up a system in which you don’t market to people that don’t match the profile. Likewise, you focus your attention on people who match the profile. This saves a lot of time and time as you are not spending resources on traffic that don’t convert.

Enhance: This is great if you only have a small customer list. This application will allow you to import all the data associated with your customer list. If you have incomplete information about your customers then this app will conduct analysis and fill in the gaps. This is great for people who have incomplete information about their customer. Enhance will allow you to complete it.

Prospects: This application will allow you to keep track of all your potential customers and your marketing efforts to these customers. It increases efficiency because you have a separate tool just for managing your prospects.


The greatest strength of Launchpad is the fact that it is cloud based. Everything is in one place. You can track everything within one place. You have one program that does it all. That includes automating tasks, track data, and plan future marketing campaigns. This really increases efficiency (which I love) and allows me to be much more productive. Saves a lot of time and money as well. That’s a major plus.

I’m not kidding when I say that everything is in one place. Your direct mail advertising campaign, customer info, email campaign, display advertising, and social media is all in one place. It makes everything much easier because you are saving so much time. Thanks to Launchpad you’ll be able to crank out ads quickly across multiple platforms. You have a wide variety of methods to choose from when doing your advertising.


Why doesn’t it have a trial period or demo? That’s just absolutely insane. How can people know whether your software is a good fit for them if you don’t have a free trial or demo? Launchpad doesn’t offer a single trial or demo. That’s really hurting them in the long run. They’re losing out on a ton of business because they don’t want potential customers to try out their product. That’s ridiculous.

For those who like to test software before they invest a lot of money – Launchpad really isn’t fit for you. You either spend money and use their product or you don’t. Their take it or leave it approach is a red flag for me when trying out a new product. It’s a shame because I really do like Launchpad. I’m predicting that they will have more refund rates than usual because they didn’t let customers try their software. It’s sad really.

There is a solution though. You can contact them to get a guided demo. This tool is really good at managing a huge amount of stuff within one place. This is excellent for businesses that need help in getting potential leads, analyze the leads, and having a proper communication system in place to contact these leads constantly. This will really boost sales if you buy this software. Good return on investment. Check it out.

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