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LeadsFlow Pro Review

LeadsFlow Pro is a list building and leads automation platform. This software provides a self-hosted way to generate, integrate, automate, manage, and track your leads using only one interface.


The Company

LeadsFlow Pro was launched July 19th, 2016 by Sean Donahoe. The product integrates with all of your existing auto-responders, webinar systems, eCommerce stores, as well as, the landing and sales page builders.

Sean Donahoe has been the owner of ADD Marketing since early 2000. He is well-known as an author, entrepreneur, coach, public speaker, and a Philanthropist. Donahoe is a self-taught expert who consults and assists businesses from the top at the Fortune 500 to the local Mom & Pop shops. Donahoe teaches businesses how to transform into a very profitable enterprise, as well as, how to incorporate and leverage internet marketing.


The Product

Right now the front-end prices for LeadsFlow Pro range between $37 – $67, depending on the service requested. The software automates and systemizes all aspects of your company. It also nurtures your leads driving your sales up and boosting your profits. Here is how the software helps:

  • Boost Affiliate Sales – The software will show you better ways you can promote affiliate offers and discover hidden profit streams.
  • Sell More Products – You can automate specific key parts of your current sales process and build better relations with subscribers. Better relationships with subscribers can ultimately lead to more sales.
  • Build Big Contact Lists Quickly – LeadsFlow makes it really easy to build hyper-responsive mailing lists of subscribers. Growing the list means growing potential customers.
  • Treu Lead Intelligence – The real-time insights gives you the access to track your audiences moves. This allows you to know what they want and deliver.

LeadsFlow Pro not only has the software for desktops and laptops but there is also an APP for that. The app allows you to keep track and access your account on the go, so you never miss a beat. The website failed to mention whether the cost is a one-time fee or if it is a monthly charge for use.

The Opportunity

LeadsFlow Pro gives entrepreneurs and internet marketers access to generate, integrate, manage, automate, and track your leads using one simple interface. The mobile App gives you total access on the go. The benefits are many:

  • Accelerating your businesses growth.
  • Automate and streamline your funnels to make things easier for you.
  • Max out your webinars to the fullest.
  • Maximize your eCommerce leads.
  • Automate the key parts of your business.
  • Integrate your leads using LeadFlows dashboard.
  • Connect with leads and funnel systems.
  • Own your data and all of your leads.

You will learn what your customers want while creating a powerful lead intelligence. The opportunity and the benefits seem endless. You are provided with everything you need to track, manage, promote, and link-up your company. It is easy to use, fast acting and cheap.

The Verdict

Acess and total control of your business all from one easy to use interface? Sounds too good to be true but it isn't. LeadsFlow Pro is something every internet marketer could and should use. Getting set up only takes minutes and it's easy to use and understand.

Sean Donahoe has been around the block a time or two providing him with the perfect skills and experience to make software like this. His job is all about helping entrepreneurs and business owners get a grasp on their business and showing them how to elevate it to the max.

The verdict says that LeadsFlow Pro and it's creator get an A rating. The technology is solid and has a steady foundation, the founder is a pro, and the product is in high demand. The product launched less than a month ago but it is quickly gaining recognition with the business owners. Of course there is always room for failure but so far the product looks like magic in the making. One platform provides almost everything necessary to monitor and keep the business up and always running. Not to mention it's cheap and easy to use.


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