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LEO, or Learn Earn Own, is a personal development company that provides a wide range of digital products to enrich the lives of its members. LEO also offers an MLM business opportunity for individuals interested in marketing these products to others.

What Is LEO?

LEO was founded in 2012, which is when its website was registered through a private domain registration service.

The founder and CEO of the company is one Dan Andersson, a business executive who seems to have started LEO after stepping down from his role as president of Unaico SiteTalk, a failed MLM venture that revolved around a social media platform.

LEO is supposedly headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK, in a lovely converted barn and stable quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

This seems a bit odd for a supposedly multinational company that lists satellite offices all over the world, as we would think that a company of this magnitude would be located within London or perhaps another nearby major city – not the farmlands outside Oxford.

Other addresses provided around the world for LEO include, according to research by other reviewers, virtual office space providers and post office boxes.

Nowhere does it seem that LEO has a stand-alone business location with the possible exception of its Canadian offices; Google Maps shows an office building that has, along with those for several other companies, a sign on the outside of the building for LEO.

Other office addresses are either unverifiable or suspiciously bizarre, such as the run-down, rather decrepit-looking and seemingly empty office building at the listed address for LEO's Philippines office.

LEO Product

LEO has a truly dizzying array of products and services for sale, all of which are available for as little as £10 GBP to several hundred pounds.

The majority of these products seem to be personal development videos and audios, some of which are narrated or presented by Andersson himself.

E-learning topics range from the mundane – tips on how to operate Windows 7 and Windows 8, instruction manuals for WordPress, Microsoft Excel, etc. – to the more esoteric, such as confidence boosting, handling stress in the workplace, and several sales and marketing personal development products.

LEO also offers high-ticket items such as annual live seminars and global conferences. The 2017 global conference, for example, is to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Attendance costs are listed as £4,000.

The details listed for the event do not list whether this includes travel and accommodation costs.

LEO Opportunity

The LEO MLM business opportunity revolves around marketing its products in order to earn credit towards commissions. These credits take the form of Bonus Points (BP) and Rank Points (RP).

The more BP an affiliate accumulates through referred sales of LEO products, the higher his or her commission payout will be. LEO calculates commissions weekly, wiping BP totals and starting fresh every week.

Members can earn bonuses in the form of a percentage of their recruited affiliates' weekly BP totals.

Exact payout rates are difficult to discern based on the information provided by the website, as are the requirements for becoming a member. Sign-up opportunities on the site seem to be absent at this time.

RP is used to determine one's rank as an affiliate within LEO. These ranks begin at Associate, which requires 10,000 RP, and continue on to the title of Global Marketing Director, which requires 10,000,000 RP.

Each rank earned provides its own rewards.

Some of these are monetary, or are prizes such as iPads, Rolex watches, or other high-ticket items; others still involve the possibility of earning credit towards some of LEO's other ventures, which include a real estate holdings company based in Germany and a new digital currency created by the company called LEOCoin (currently trading at around $0.39 per 1 LEOCoin).

LEO Verdict

On the face of it, LEO seems like a rather detailed and MLM business opportunity – it has a wide product range, it's got a highly complex recruitment and commission system, and it's been running for several years with enough success to host conferences in locations such as Kuala Lumpur costing £4,000 to attend.

Despite all these seemingly positive points, there are more than a few holes in LEO's facade that give us pause.

Part of the issue we're encountering here is that there's little in the way of transparency when it comes to how to become a member, as details are few and far between on the LEO website itself.

Much of the information we presented here on the details of the company's membership and compensation plan had to be sourced from third parties because there was simply no information available directly from LEO.

This is, of course, a problem when it comes to providing the most accurate information possible, but with the website so lacking in information, this was the only way we could supply information of any kind.

As if this wasn't enough to give us pause, the somewhat suspicious nature of the company's many listed offices also raised a few eyebrows. It seems highly unlikely to us that a massive and supposedly successful business would have its international headquarters in an Oxfordshire cow paddy.

This goes double for a company that charges £4,000 a pop for tickets to a Kuala Lumpur conference.

Additionally, we have some concerns about the large range of e-learning products that LEO has for sale on its website.

The value of some of these products seems to be relatively low, with the information and knowledge offered easily found elsewhere on the internet for a fraction of the price – or even for free.

This raises suspicions that the only real legitimate activity that affiliates can participate in is to market membership in the LEO MLM business opportunity itself in order to earn commissions.

If this is the case, this means the only true source of revenue is from recruitment – a sure sign of a business that is doomed to failure.

Finally, we have concerns with some of the perks associated with LEO, such as the LEOCoin buy-in opportunity and also the real estate investment opportunity as well.

The REIT seems to be largely hot air, as the site has no information on what types of real estate LEO owns or plans to purchase. Awarding affiliates shares in a possibly nonexistent REIT is outright fraud, and could be a serious issue in the future.

LEOCoin is currently being traded on some digital currency exchanges, but it's not exactly worth much at the moment.

If the cryptocurrency becomes more devalued, and LEO doesn't increase LEOCoin awards to match this devaluation, the digital currency soon becomes worthless to anyone who doesn't have the cyber equivalent of several wheelbarrows full of LEOCoin.

As a digital currency created by LEO, remember that LEOCoin has no cost to the company besides time a computer bank spends “mining” its blockchain, which produces coins by completing complex math problems on autopilot.

It's an excellent way to provide something of perceived value to affiliates without actually expending any revenue gathered from these affiliates.

We really don't like it. It would be one thing if LEO were awarding an established digital currency like Bitcoin, but LEOCoin is not exactly considered valuable.

Additionally, there have been legal issues surrounding LEOCoin, as its founders – Andersson and Atif Kamran – were accused of securities fraud by Pakistan's Securities and Exchange Commission for activities linked to Unaico.

With Andersson leaving Unaico (and apparently taking Kamran with him to develop LEOCoin) this is apparently no longer their problem.

However, when executives of one company leave after being accused of running a scam only to start another company together under suspicious circumstances, this is enough for us to throw a flag on the play.

Could LEO be a completely legitimate operation? Sure – anything's possible. However, there's too much uncertainty surrounding the company. We recommend that you exercise extreme caution with this one.

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