Lend Street Review

Lend Street is a debt restructuring lending platform. The company works with other financial organizations in order to negotiate discounts with creditors on behalf of persons in financial distress.


The Company

Lend Street launched it's platform in 2013. The company helps people get out of debt, rebuild their credit and get a fresh start financially. Lend Street negotiates with creditors to refinance old debts at a discount, then customizes payments to make them more affordable and suitable to fit your budget.

Jerry Nemorin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. Before Jerry founded Lend Street worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Global Corporate and Investigating Bank Division. Nemorin helped major companies restructure their debt during times of financial crisis. This experience is what guided hi to want to help those in need, experiencing financial distress.

The Product

There are no products manufactured or distributed by Lend Street, it is simply a service offered. The company does four main things for people experiencing financial distress:

  1. Reduce their current debt and lower the interest rates.
  2. Find suitable and affordable payment rates that will fit your current budget.
  3. Help to rebuild their credit.
  4. Help regain control of the current financial situation.

The company offers tools that will help you better understand credit and how to gain control of all of your finances. Using the tools also gives borrowers an opportunity to earn different rewards. The tools include:

  • Financial education.
  • Budget plans.
  • Offers rebates.
  • Flexible payment availability.
  • Provides a huge support network.


The Opportunity

It is possible to become an investor with Lend Street, giving investors an opportunity to help those in need during financial crisis. There is no fee required to become an investor and the repayments are distributed in full. Investors will receive higher rates of return and get to join a steady growing community of other investors. Lend Street manages any and all possible risks so you don't have to.

You are eligible to invest if you are a resident of the United States and are currently an accredited investor. You personally get to choose the loans you wish to invest in, as well as, how much you want to invest. There is an opportunity for those of you that are outside of the United States, all you have to do is contact Lend Street and see what you have to do in order to start helping.

How the process works in order to keep investors safe is, Lend Street looks for a proven track record of payments and consider several other areas of criteria, which indicates whether the person in debt will be able to successfully repay the loan. The investors buy a share of each loan on the website and receive payback. All of the loans are marked based on their risk rating and the expected return, this allows investors to make a proper decision on whether they want to risk investing or not.

The Verdict

Lend Street has only been in business for 3 years but the founder and CEO of the company, Jerry Nemorin brings a lot of education and experience to the table. The company or platform is ultimately designed to help those during financial crisis, with low payments that are suitable for their budget. However good deeds within the business world do not always pan out for the better.

Lend Street has made headlines in many well known publications, such as, Forbes. There is opportunity for both the borrowers and the investors to come out in a win win situation. There is no fee for investors to sign up which has many questioning how exactly the company is making it's money. Overall the company seems to be a good one with good intentions, skill and the knowledge to back it. The verdict says that there is a likely possibility for investors and borrowers to come out successful in all of their endeavours, but only time will truly tell how successful the business will continue to be.

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