Lendkey Student Loan Refinancing (LendKey) provides student loan borrowers with tools to refinance those loans with an eye towards lowering interest rates and providing more affordably monthly payments.

What Is LendKey Student Loan Refinancing?

LendKey is a financial technology company that does not provide loans directly but instead provides a platform for community banks and credit unions to connect with potential borrowers.

LendKey was founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to fulfill a need for providing financial institutions the ability to seamlessly offer efficient, secure, and prudent loans to qualified borrowers. LendKey's CEO and founder is long-time technology and finance executive Vince Passione.

The Product

While LendKey offers several different services, the core product being reviewed here is its student loan refinancing service.

Using LendKey to refinance a student loan, according to the LendKey website, can save more than $15,270 in costs over the life of the loan, with interest rates as low as 2.09 percent variable APR or 3.25 percent fixed APR.

Unlike some lender aggregate websites, LendKey provides full student loan refinancing and consolidation services without sending individuals to a third-party website after inputting information. Users can apply completely online without ever leaving the LendKey environment.

The Opportunity

There's no direct affiliate marketing opportunity with LendKey.

However, for anyone with an expensive student loan that they are finding difficulty in repaying, the amount of money an individual can possibly save from refinancing or consolidating a student loan provides an important savings opportunity.

However, it is important to understand what benefits, if any, you may lose from refinancing a student loan. Federally subsidized loans, for example, sometimes have benefits to a borrow that may be lost once refinancing such a loan into a private loan from a community bank or credit union.


With strong positive reviews, LendKey is an excellent choice for anyone interested in refinancing or consolidating their student loans in the quest for a smaller, more manageable payment or a better interest rate.

LendKey is especially helpful as a credit matchmaking service, as it has more than 300 partner institutions; it also supplies lending services in all 50 states, making it likely that anyone looking for student loan refinancing will be able to find help through the LendKey service.

There are only a few negative aspects of LendKey's service. These are relatively minor or are a product of the type of service it offers.

For instance, as a loan aggregation service, it does not compare one lending institution to the other in terms of customer service or other qualities – likely in an attempt to remain neutral and not play favorites.

Additionally, the terms and conditions of each loan are a product of the lender – something that LendKey ultimately has no power over. Signing with one of the lenders that LendKey matches an individual  with leaves the responsibility for understanding these terms and conditions squarely on the shoulders of the borrower.

Even with these limitations, LendKey is a powerful tool for student loan refinancing. There are no origination or application fees to be borne by the borrower, and remarkably LendKey even offers a 30-day loan “return” policy, where you can cancel the loan without incurring any fees within the first 30 days.

This is a rather groundbreaking feature, and does much to reassure borrowers that LendKey is a business that's serious about providing student loan debt relief to its customers.

With its large pool of lenders to pull from, its unprecedented return policy, and earning high marks in customer service support, LendKey is an excellent example of a well-run and reputable company that specializes in matching individuals looking to refinance their student loans with community lenders willing to refinance those loans.

As long as a prospective borrower keeps in mind the pitfalls that may accompany refinancing in this manner – including the possibility of losing federal benefit sin some cases – there's much to recommend LendKey to consumers in need of student loan debt restructuring.

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