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Everyone could use a little help with developing leads…even those of us who've got a system down for turning prospects into sales could use a fresh perspective once in a while.  Think you've got a formula for sales success?  Chances are, it's still probably not as good as it could be.

That's what LesUsClose wants you to think, and perhaps they're right.  They want to teach you how to close your leads, and that's their product.  This product is for independent online business people, plus a business opportunity to go with it.  We took a look at both, and here's what we found.

The Company

LetUsClose (LUC) was founded by Dan Putnam, who's been involved in direct selling for over 17 years.  Accordiong to the LUC website, his expertise is in building distributor networks.  Other key players in LUC are Dick Putnam and Lynn Putnam, so although they don't specify this on their website, LUC seems to be a family operation.

And surprise surprise, LUC is based in Utah.  Their domain was created just a few short months ago according to domain tools and whois information.

The Product

The product is training in how to recruit the best distributors (salespeople) for your MLM business(es).  Since LUC considers this to be the #1 problem for business, they are optimistic about the popularity of their training system.  They promise their customers they'll show them how to close all their leads, using the following components:

  • email blaster
  • automated system for managing social marketing platforms
  • contact manager system
  • getting started training system
  • auto responder
  • call center will take your sales calls and try to close sales for you
  • custom lead capture pages
  • post cards …yes, direct mail! directing recipients to call you

Chalk it up to the sheer newness of LUC, but there is currently no product pricing information on their website.  Two months in, however, it would be nice to see some dollar signs somewhere.

They do give an example in the LetUsClose compensation plan PDF of a $50 sale.  Since this is training, we could guess that there's a $50 per month cost to keep your LUC going?  Or the training system costs $50 and the ongoing monthly cost is less than that?  $50 would be pretty cheap for a training system so I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that it's going to cost you $50 per month to be a customer of LUC.

The LUC Opportunity

Join LetUsClose as an Independent Distributor or a Preferred Customer.  As a preferred customer, you basically get discounts in exchange for committing to a monthly autoship.  Again, I'm guessing here, since the LUC website is little short on details.

Independent Distributors of course get the chance to build a business by recruiting, training their team, and leading their team to sales success.

Distributors get a personalized website, tutoring from LUC team members, and 75% paid back to distributors every week.

75% of what, you say?  Who knows!

Continuing on with what we do know, there's a binary system which allows you to earn up to 25% on your weaker leg (they call this the “pay leg” and the stronger leg is called the “power leg”).

There's a flimsy description of something called The K Club, which promises watches, rings, dream trips, cash, LUC gear, Ipads etc.

There are also eight levels of rank, implying that the higher you go the better the rewards and commissions.  The “pay leg” for each rank is still listed as 25% on the compensation plan chart, so it's hard to tell what the reward for advancing in rank would be.  It appears that the only reward is that you get more commission simply because you're selling more LUC training system subscriptions (again, I'm assuming it's a subscription-based product but I wouldn't stake my life on it because the website doesn't say for sure…or least it wasn't immediately apparent).

The Verdict

When you're new in the business world, the best two things you can do for yourself are to…

  1. have a great product
  2. market the heck out of that product

…and part of good marketing is to provide complete information about your product.  There are key pieces of information missing from the LetUsClose website, which is puzzling.  Lacking basic pricing and compensation data, plus the skimpy bios on founders and executive team, leaves me with nothing to get excited about.  Maybe Let Us Close is great, but I can't tell.

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