LIFE Leadership Review

LIFE Leadership gives you information and educational services in the form of audios, videos and books. As a company they host more than 7,500 live events all over the world each year.

In addition to these, they provide several different services to help people save money on transactions that they are already involved in.

About LIFE Leadership

life-leadershipLIFE Leadership began their organization in November of 2011. There were eight founders, all of them having years of experience in networking and creating compensated communities. Their slogan is “The life you've always wanted” and their purpose is to “set people free.”

They moved their World Headquarters from Michigan to North Carolina in October of 2014, and are doing extremely well, experiencing double-digit growth each year. They are is self-funded, debt free, and are expanding internationally.

The Products

There are basically three divisions to the LIFE Leadership program:

  1. Financial Development
  2. Professional Development
  3. Personal Development

Financial Development

This is designed to help you gain a better understanding of the offense, defense, and overall playing field of your personal finances. You will learn about budgeting, reduction training, planning tools, offensive game plans, and how to set your money up and prioritize, and even information on how the country you live in affects your money due to their policies concerning currency

Professional Development

“Launching a Leadership Revolution,” is a New York Times bestselling book  and this division is based on it.The LLR Corporate Education Program was designed not just to train your workers, but to develop leaders and to make a difference in the corporate world.

Personal Development

LIFE Leadership personal development products are designed to help their customers in all facets of their life, including family, friendships and faith. They also offer programs for young people.


The Opportunity

When you join Life Leadership,  you get the opportunity to make money from the sale of their products through a  compensation plan. Instead of spending money on marketing and advertising, the members who help to expand their business receive it. The more people you can get to invest in it, the more money you make.

In addition, the founders of Life Leadership work in the field right along with their Life Members. This unique situation allows the compensation structure to maintain the flowing of proceeds to the field, instead of to corporate  investors, shareholders, or other interested parties. What this means is the Life Leadership compensation plan can offer one of the highest profits margins in the industry, all while still being able to keep their prices low.

Money-saving opportunities are also made available to registered customers. Also, the 3 for Free Program allows subscribing Customers or Members who sign up three or more other subscribers to the same as, or even greater prices on subscriptions for LIFE Leadership materials,  this will help you to qualify for a free product subscription.

The Verdict

LIFE Leadership's numbers are impressive to say the least. They truly are a world-wide organization with thousands of satisfied customers. Debt is something nearly everyone can relate to in one form or another, and the opportunity to lessen, or even eliminate one's personal debt sounds appealing to say the least. Personally, I know that I could use some education and assistance in handling my finances better.

Their website is visually appealing, easy to navigate and very informative. This allows the potential customer to fully understand what they are getting into and where their money is going.

Of course being educated on such matters and actually implementing these strategies are two completely different things. Discipline and consistency are obviously required and even more importantly, you have to change the way you think about your money.

Overall, I believe LIFE Leadership could be a truly beneficial program, regardless of which development you are most interested in. I also like the fact that they donate one dollar of each subscription to promote literacy. If you really want to change your financial situation, I believe this company is definitely  worth looking into.

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