lifetime income report

Lifetime Income Report – or simply the Report for the sake of brevity – is a financial newsletter service that is advertising a free “special report” that provides information to consumers that could, potentially, unlock “up to four payments a year” from the US government. These payments could total up to $17,200 according to the website. These payments are supposedly due to a “little known” contract from Social Security through the Government Services Administration

What Is Lifetime Income Report?

Lifetime Income Report is a product of Agora Financial, an independent financial publication company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Agora Financial has been publishing financial information for several years, though its track record is decidedly spotty. In fact, a quick perusal of the company’s Better Business Bureau page reveals that it is listed as Not Rated by the BBB, that there are 41 negative reviews to the company’s 5 neutral or positive reviews, and that it has an eye-watering 160 complaints registered against it since 2001.

The Report specifically is written by Zachary Scheidt, listed as the “chief income analyst” for Agora Financial. Scheidt claims that he is a former hedge fund manager based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lifetime Income Report Product

Lifetime Income Report is a financial newsletter, written by Scheidt, that is available for $99 a year. Included in this is the so-called free report on receiving checks from Social Security. There are several additional bonuses, including the following special report e-books and other materials:

  • The Secret Transaction That Could Generate HUNDREDS (or More) in INSTANT INCOME Month After Month e-book
  • How to “Juice” the Dividend Payments on Your Favorite Stocks e-book
  • The Government-Backed Loophole That ELIMINATES Mortgage Payments… Saving You $100s Every Month e-book
  • 12 issues of the My Monthly Advisory newsletter
  • Email updates available exclusively to members
  • Customer support access

Lifetime Income Report Opportunity

The opportunity presented by the Report, first and foremost, is to gain access to the secret information needed to walk away with free money from the US government, all for the ultra-low price of just $99.

Lifetime Income Report Verdict

Oh boy. Where do we start with the Lifetime Income Report?

First, let’s focus on Agora Financial’s absolutely abysmal customer service record. We’ve never found any company that’s been around for so long yet has accumulated so many negative reviews and complaints. The Better Business Bureau website reads like a carnal house of horrors endured by unhappy customers duped out of their money.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you to steer clear of this one, tactic of marketing a free report that can earn you up to $17,000 or more and then asking for a $99 subscription is classic bait and switch. It’s not free – the only way you’re gaining access is it if you pay for the entire subscription.

Finally, we don’t know what in the world the Report is talking about when it comes to receiving “free money” from the US government. It sounds absolutely too good to be true, and that makes it exceedingly suspect. Not only that, but the anti-fraud section on the Social Security Administration’s website specifically points out that there are no “little-known Social security contracts” in existence that provide money to Americans. Maybe it’s just us, but when the SSA goes out of its way to warn against fraud – and uses the exact same language as Lifetime Income Report does – it’s a major red flag.

We’ve reviewed some of Agora Financial’s companies, products, and services before. The truth is that they’re a massive, octopus-like publication company that has been fleecing investors for decades with so-called “insider information.” If you see any offers that are affiliated with Agora in any way, you need to take these opportunities with a very healthy grain of salt, because odds are that it’s not going to be nearly as groundbreaking and lucrative as its marketing copy says.

In short: avoid this one like the plague. You’ll be better off for it.

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