LitUpp is a European-based personal development company that markets video courses designed to improve people's personal and professional lives. Additionally, LitUpp offers an affiliate program that allows interested members market these personal development products for a commission.

What Is LitUpp?

LitUpp is based, according to the company website, in London. However, there's no exact address provided by the company.

However, the identity of the founder and CEO, A Kjenneth Holm from Denmark, is publicized by the LitUpp website. The site's registration data backs up the name and location of Holm, though the exact address points to a busy town square in the heart of Copenhagen and not anything that's recognizable as an office building.

Research into Holm himself reveals little to nothing of his previous experience as an entrepreneur, either inside or outside of the personal development and MLM industries. Some of this may be due to not being able to read Danish. That being said, Holm and the personal development experts that work with him through LitUpp seem legitimate enough.

LitUpp Product

While LitUpp has several new personal development products listed as “coming soon” on its site, there's one core product that can be purchased right now. This product is the “Wealth” personal development course, comprising more than 4 hours of pre-recorded video content.

The course, created by Norwegian-born Marcus DeMaria, a respected speaker in the realm of trading and investment advice, covers several different topics. Among these topics include the following:

  • 14 videos on “what's holding you back”
  • 6 videos on “what is money”
  • 7 videos on “your financial vision and purpose”
  • 3 videos on “planning for wealth”
  • 8 videos on “financial concepts”
  • and 5 videos on “your team”

The complete cost for this course is 97 Euro, discounted from its original price of 197 Euro. The videos are in English with available Danish subtitles, and the price includes “lifetime access” and a downloadable interactive workbook.

LitUpp Opportunity

Individuals who wish to market LitUpp products – either the “Wealth” video series or those listed as coming soon – can do so by purchasing the product for a one-time fee and then paying a 19.70 Euro monthly membership subscription.

Earning commissions on LitUpp product sales range from 5% to 30%, depending on monthly retail sale personal volume (PV). The following chart details commission rates:

  • 100 to 199 monthly PV = 5%
  • 200 to 399 monthly PV = 10%
  • 400 to 599 monthly PV = 15%
  • 600 to 999 monthly PV = 25%
  • 1000 PV or more monthly PV = 30%

LitUpp affiliates can also build a team of downline affiliates as well for residual commissions. Using a unilevel scheme that caps payable levels at four deep, affiliates can earn commission rates that vary according to monthly group volume (GV) and their rank within the company. Ranks are performance based – 13 in total – and moving from one rank to the next requires ever-increasing monthly PV and GV goals to be met.

In addition to direct and residual sale commissions, LitUpp also offers one-time bonuses to its affiliates. These are also performance based and include payouts for reaching certain ranks, having sponsored affiliates in your downline achieving certain ranks, and for reaching certain performance milestones in an affiliate's first 90 days.

LitUpp Verdict

From what we've seen, LitUpp seems to be a legitimate personal development company with a decent compensation plan. Unlike so many other MLM or affiliate marketing opportunities we review, this one is likely to be on the up-and-up. This is great news for anyone looking for a solid MLM that's not going to attempt to scam you or anyone you sponsor out of your hard-earned money.

On the other hand, we don't know how valuable the product that LitUpp is actually selling. The value of personal development products are notoriously hard to quantify, making it difficult to say whether an investment in LitUpp will translate to a product that can be marketed and sold.

This may become easier once LitUpp's other personal development products go live, as more products to offer increase your chances. You may want to wait until then, or try it out now if you're confident in your marketing ability.

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