london real academy

The London Real Academy is a support group that helps you to get the most out of your life. On the fence about what you want or where you want to go in life?

Then this is the community for you. This community isnít for those who are already happy and set in stone. It is for those who feel like their life could be special and want to make drastic changes. The community is there to help you become the best that you can be.


What Is The London Real Academy?

Founder and host, Brian Rose will help you rebuild your life and get on a better track to achieve your dreams. The only way to truly become who you are meant to be is to surround yourself with the right people. That is what London Real Academy is all about. Getting you connected to the right tribe to fulfill your passion and dreams.

The Product

London Real Academy is for people who want to make a real changes to their life. It isn't about watching other people succeed, it is about taking the right steps to take action right now.

London Real Academy is a four-week program to help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. The program is designed for you to set one major goal a week and push towards achieving that goal.

The four-week cycle is easy. The first week you will discover your talents and what dreams and goals to go after. Week One is all about self-discovery and what drives you to succeed. The second week is all about designing a reasonable and actionable course to set your goals in motion. In week three you are dared to go out and do what you have set out to do. By week four, you will know exactly what has worked for you and what hasnít. Allowing you to make the correct choices and streamline your success.

This program focuses not only on the mindset you must have to become a better version of yourself, but also your body. They offer classes that help you focus, meditate, get in shape and so much more. The methods are simple to follow and no matter where you see yourself going, London Real Academy provides you with the motivation to get there. This is more than just a community of leaders, it is a platform to create leaders. This isn't a program for people who are content. This is a program for people who want to make their lives better. Sure, you may have the perfect career, but you still feel something is missing? This academy is for you.

You can sign up for London Real Academy for free. With a free account you get access to all the videos. Or sign up as a member for only $99 for three months and get access to a plethora of tools to help you become a better person. You will get access to all the videos and workshops with your paid membership.

Some of the workshops included are: Create and Connect program, Body and Mind Challenges, Private Goal Setting, and Success Secrets. Plus you will get to go the annual summit event and tribe dinners and so much more.

Broken down, London Real Academy is only $1 per day and what you get is life changing experience and the drive to make your dreams a reality. If you find that this program isn't for you, request a full refund within 30-days.

London Real Academy isn't going to take up your time. The creator and founder Brian Rose, understands that you have things do. That is why the classes are only 5 to 15 minutes in length. Some of the classes are every day, some are twice a week. You can listen to the class on your commute or while you are in the shower. To get the most out of the program, you need to commit about an hour of your time every week. That's only 15-minutes a day.

Final Thoughts About The London-Real-Academy

While London Real Academy helps you to gain a better insight as to who you are and where you want to go, they are a bit on the political side. The guest speakers are blunt and can be a little overly aggressive. But then again maybe that is the whole point. The Academy picks these individuals to help snap you out of the doldrums that you have been living your life. Their points of view are sometimes harsh, but sometimes that is what people need to wake up and change their lives.

The saying goes that you can get out of where you are without digging a deeper hole. The Academy offers a ladder to teach you how to get out of the rut you are in.

The system is chalk full of motivation to get you into the mindset that you need to be in to move forward. For only $1 a day you will have the tools you need to find your path to success. You may not agree with the speakers as they can get a little political. As long as you take what they say with a grain of salt you shouldn't have an issue following the courses.

London Real Academy doesnít sugar coat anything. Their goal isn't to feed you the same thing everyone else has. Their goal is to break you out of the mold and make you better.

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