lotto dominator system

Lotto Dominator (LD) is a purported mathematical formula that has been proven to be highly effective in predicting lottery numbers correctly, leading to massive financial windfalls for those who employ the formula.

The Company

LD is supposedly owned by Richard Lustig, a seven-time lottery game winner living in Orlando, Florida. Lustig has been showcased in national and international media for several years as he continued to win lottery after lottery, and has since built a business out of creating and marketing guides on how to “beat the system” when it comes to gambling on lottery tickets.

The Product

lotto dominator The product for sale is “Lotto Dominator: Winning Has Never Been This Simple,” a PDF ebook that focuses on providing readers the tried-and-tested secret formula that Lustig has perfected over his years of studying the lottery, with the proof of its effectiveness his own incredible success.

The PDF is currently listed as on sale for less than half its regular price of $300. It is available for just $147 from a company known as SoftwareProjects, which offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all of their products.

The Opportunity

There are two opportunities presented by LD. The first is the product itself, which purports to unlock the secrets of the lottery industry and provide the tools needed to dominate the lottery, resulting in the possibility of earning massive lottery payouts.

The second opportunity exists in the form of an affiliate program through SoftwareProjects, ostensibly to resell the LD product for a percentage of the commission. The specifics of the affiliate program are not easily accessible through the SoftwareProjects site without signing up for an affiliate membership. Such a membership ostensibly provides affiliates the opportunity to promote or sell several of SoftwareProjects' other products and services as well, of which there are several.


There are a large number of problems that present themselves to the savvy consumer upon an examination of the LD website and affiliate program. These issues are many, and go further and deeper than simply questioning whether Lustig's “proven” method for gaming the lottery system are legitimate and worthwhile.

The first discrepancy – and the most telling – is that it does not appear that the LD website is officially associated with Lustig in the least. The owner of the site, according to the Who.Is database, is a man by the name of Israel Basch, with a listed address in Peta Tikvah, Israel.  The Google Maps street view of the address reveals an urban street packed with apartment buildings and run-down single-family houses that seem uncharacteristic of a multi-million dollar lottery winner.

This discrepancy can of course be explained away by assuming that Lustig himself does not have the time or expertise to create and maintain an internet presence on his own and therefore has simply hired Basch to manage this part of his business on Lustig's behalf. However, this rather plausible explanation unravels after a cursory internet search for Lustig himself, as there is another website devoted to the lottery winner that also purports to represent Lustig and provides a gateway to purchase his products.

This second website,, has a completely different layout compared to the one registered to Basch. Additionally, the Who.Is registrant of this site is Lustig himself, with the address being a post office box in Orlando, Florida – Lustig's home state. More damning still is that the LD product listed for sale at is not available at the site registered to Lustig himself, nor is SoftwareProjects involved in processing the sales on this other website. This indicates that the LD website is not associated with Lustig and is perhaps a knock-off product using Lustig's name and fame instead.

Another glaring difference is in the price of the product listed on the LD website and the prices of the products listed for sale on Lustig's actual site. LD, a PDF ebook, is available for the “sale” price of $147 with a 60-day money back guarantee; meanwhile the main product available at Lustig's site, a physical copy of his book, “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery,” retails for $40 plus shipping and with the disclaimer that all sales are final. Additionally, the cover art for the physical book has Lustig listed as the author, but the cover art for the LD PDF does not list author information anywhere.

This raises several questions: why are these two books so glaringly different? The more “official” book, which features Lustig's name prominently, is available to buyers as a physical copy, and is only $40, seems to be the complete opposite of the LD product. The massive price difference is a major red flag, indicating that not only is the PDF product not a legitimate piece of work written by Lustig but is extremely overpriced, perhaps in an effort to profit off the credulity of unknowing consumers.

Finally, we come to the affiliate program. The price of the LD product may be inflated in order to provide an income opportunity for affiliate marketers of the project through SoftwareProjects, a company that does not list the product as one for sale on its main page. SoftwareProjects has built a negative reputation for itself as a seller of overpriced products and services in the past, perhaps relying on its affiliate program to provide revenue and generate profit where otherwise there would be none.

The connection between LD and SoftwareProjects seems to run deep, as the Disclaimer page on the LD website mentions SoftwareProjects specifically as the entity behind the PDF product without specifically saying that SoftwareProjects is behind the authorship of the “Lottery Dominator” PDF. The boilerplate of the Disclaimer page seems to not have been adapted to the specific product, either but instead exhorts prospective customers to conduct a physician before relying on the information within the product for sale.

This is perplexing, considering that playing the lottery is not in any way associated with any sort of medical condition. However, several of the PDF ebooks that SoftwareProjects advertises for sale on their own site are geared towards medical self-help cures. This indicates that little to no care was taken in adapting the standard disclaimers SoftwareProjects uses for its medical advice products for the LD product, further proof of disingenuous behavior.

Regardless of one's opinion on whether Lustig's legitimate products will help you in winning the lottery, the product listed for sale on the LD website is almost certainly not associated with Lustig directly based on the evidence we found. The affiliate marketing opportunity may be the most legitimate part of this entire site, but as it would involve promoting and earning a commission on a product that seems to be designed to trick people into thinking it's written by Lustig when in fact that's simply untrue is morally and ethically wrong, and likely illegal as well.

In conclusion, the LD website is almost certainly a scam, a quick cash-grab that is misrepresenting itself as a legitimate product, designed to profit off the “good name” of someone else. It's true that Lustig's methods have been criticized by lottery experts, but at least his legitimate products, sold through a website that is legitimately registered to him, are much more modestly priced.

As for the identity of the person behind the bogus LD product, it seems to be a brainchild of SoftwareProjects. Whether the Israel Basch listed as the registrant of the LD website is a real person associated with SoftwareProjects or is simply a complete fabrication on the part of someone else is impossible to determine.

If you want to play the lottery, nothing's stopping you; neither are there any bars to you purchasing Lustig's legitimate products directly from his site. However, stay away from LD and by extension SoftwareProjects, as they seem to be interested in nothing but making themselves and their affiliates rich by preying upon the naive.

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