lotto loophole

Lotto Loophole is allegedly a foolproof system for learning how to play the lottery successfully through an ultra-secret process that, unsurprisingly, is available for purchase.

What Is Lotto Loophole?

The creator of Lotto Loophole identifies himself as Mark Reynolds, who claims to be a system engineer formerly with the US Army. Thanks to the methods in his product, Reynolds claims to have won 12 different lottery drawings over 8 months, making upwards of $450,000 after taxes and enabling him and his family to lead the lives they have always wanted.

However, there is no way to verify that this Mark Reynolds is indeed who he says he is. If such an individual had won a dozen lotteries in less than a year, it would have obviously left a trail to follow, but there is no record of any Mark Reynolds ever winning any lottery jackpots in the US. This makes it highly unlikely that there is a real person behind “Mark Reynolds.”

Backing this up is the fact that the site registration info for Lotto Loophole only reveals when the website was registered – September 2016. The name of the registrant is hidden behind a private domain name registration service.

As always, if there's no transparency when it comes to a money-making opportunity, it's usually a red flag that indicates the opportunity is bogus or flawed.

Lotto Loophole Product

The Lotto Loophole product is an electronic guidebook that supposedly reveals the patterns that lottery drawings follow regularly. “Mark Reynolds” claims he cracked the code by studying electronics and how mechanical lottery drawing machines work, and that following these patterns consistently will result in successful lottery winnings.

Lotto Loophole is available for $197 from ClickBetter, which provides for a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Lotto Loophole Opportunity

The opportunity presented here by Lotto Loophole and Mark Reynolds is to make consistently correct predictions when it comes to choosing lottery numbers. While Reynolds doesn't say that every time you play the lottery will be successful, he does insist that it gives a substantial advantage when played in a consistent manner.

Lotto Loophole Verdict

It doesn't take a mathematician to realize that the lottery is essentially a tax for people who don't understand how the laws of probability work.

While it's attractive to daydream about what you would do if you won the lottery, your personal odds of winning are astronomical – and they become worse with every additional person who plays the same lottery.

On top of that, while Mark Reynolds insists that he's discovered some flaw in a “microchip” that is in a majority of these lottery number machines nationwide, there's no real evidence of such an occurrence – and whatever process he reveals in his overpriced product is sure to disappoint anyone who tries to apply it to their own attempts to win the lottery.

There's no actual evidence presented by Reynolds that his system works. Yes, he claims to have won a dozen lottery drawings, but we're not shown any proof of this. Likewise, while Reynolds shares testimonials sent to him by others who have used his product, there's no evidence that these emails haven't been completely fabricated either.

In other words, Reynolds – if that is indeed the name of the individual behind this product – is selling a product that has no verifiable proof of working properly. Instead, he just makes outrageous and outlandish claims that you'll “eventually” win several jackpots if you just keep following his instructions.

The only thing that will happen is that you'll lose money following these instructions. You might win some drawings, but not because of Reynolds' methods – instead, it's simply probability at work, resulting in a truly random win.

Since this product is protected by ClickBetter's 60-day guarantee, you are of course free to purchase it, look it over, and then return it for a full refund. You can do this if you're curious. However, it might be better to just take that $197 and spend it something else.

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