lotto master formula

Lotto Master Formula is a system that purports to have cracked the code when it comes to lottery games, making it easy to win big jackpots from participating in lotto drawings.

What Is Lotto Master Formula?

There is no indication whatsoever who is behind Lotto Master Formula, as the website is registered anonymously. The website copy and the audio narration is written and performed by one “Garry G.”

However the site's promotional text refers to the developer of this foolproof lottery method as “Gregory G.” sometimes instead. The narrator then refers to himself as “Greg” and “Garry” interchangeably as well.

The Product

The Lotto Master Formula product is an eBook containing Greg's (or Garry's) supposedly proven formula for making money playing the lottery. Sold through ClickBank with its accompanying 60-day refund guarantee, the book retails for $97.

The Opportunity

Lotto Master Formula also offers an affiliate program, offering 75% commissions on initial sales plus an unnamed single upsell, for average commission incomes of $133 per customer. The company offers an affiliate newsletter to support the marketing of their product.


It doesn't take a genius at math or probability to guess that our ultimate review of Lotto Master Formula isn't going to be a positive one.  If you guessed otherwise, then you might not want to play the lottery, either.

There's a big problem with transparency here with Lotto Master Formula, and it starts directly with the name and the identity of the individual who is presented as creating the lottery-beating system. Whether the purported owner of the site is named Greg or Garry is a conundrum – which is it?

Signs point to there not being anyone by that name behind the product and website, especially considering that the screenshots of lottery winnings often don't match up with their description.

Dates on these lottery winnings often don't match the dates that Greg (or Garry) claims he won them, and nearly all these winnings come from different states and even different countries.

In one case, there's a screenshot of a “winning notification letter” from the country of Gibraltar that Garry (Greg) uses as proof of a $50,000 win, but this letter has been used on different websites as proof of a long-running “Nigerian prince” style lottery scam.

It seems remarkable that these scam artists ended up paying Greg (Garry) instead of just stealing his money!

As if this obvious deception wasn't enough to turn you off to this product, either as a consumer or as an affiliate marketer, the entire eBook is actually an exact reprint of an existing book that can be found on Amazon for a fraction of the price.

In fact, with the Amazon Kindle version of the book, called “the Basics of Winning Lotto/Lottery,” currently retailing for 99 cents, there's truly no reason to purchase Lotto Master Formula in the first place.

On top of that, there's no indications that the strategies in the book are going to help you win the lottery anyway.

So let's go over everything once more: this site was registered anonymously, features a spokesperson that is likely completely fabricated and fictitious, uses whatever means necessary to convince readers of its legitimacy up to and including images of known scams, and then sells a grossly overpriced product that is currently available for pennies elsewhere – a product that probably doesn't even work.

But hey, at least they offer an affiliate opportunity, right? Sure, that's great, if you don't mind ruining your reputation by marketing a garbage product for a bunch of scam artists.

You're much better off marketing legitimate products and services from individuals who have actually created those products instead of just plagiarizing content, jacking up the retail price by two decimal points, and passing it off as their own.

The choice is yours, of course. However, it's more than a safe bet that throwing your lot in with Lotto Master System is a losing proposition.

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