lottosend powerball jackpot

Lottosend's Powerball Jackpot program (just referred to here as “Lottosend” for brevity's sake) is a discount offer to enroll in the company's lottery-ticket buying scheme, offering 55 chances to win a $302 million Powerball jackpot for just $1.

What Is Lottosend?

Lottosend is an online platform that allows users to play the lottery from any desktop or mobile device. Lottosend claims that 100% of any winning lottery tickets purchased through their service pass to the purchaser.

The company claims to allow individuals to choose lottery numbers in a multiple of locales. It then sends employees out who live in these locations to physically purchase a lottery ticket with these numbers; this ticket then gets scanned into the Lottosend system and is made available to the purchaser.

There's little info on who's behind Lottosend besides a group of telephone numbers from different international offices. Judging from the main telephone number, which bears a New Jersey exchange, the company is likely headquartered in the United States.

Lottosend Product

Lottosend offers a subscription-based lottery ticket buying service as well as one-time entry services. With the Powerball jackpot standing at $302 million, the company is offering a promotion of 55 tickets for $1.

However, this requires signing up for a weekly subscription that costs $9.90 a week for 30 bets. Other Powerball subscription options include $14.90 per week for 110 bets.

The site offers literally hundreds of lottery options, all of which have differing prices for weekly subscriptions versus one-time ticket prices. Lottosend also allows players to purchase shares of jackpots as part of group tickets as well as offering individual tickets.

As long as you meet the minimum age requirement for the locale you want to play the lottery in, you're good to go.

Lottosend Opportunity

Lottosend also has an affiliate program for anyone interested in earning referral-based income. The company operates the LottoRevenues affiliate site, which provides individuals with the free opportunity to become affiliates.

LottoRevenues offers a 15% revenue share plan for every customer you refer in perpetuity. The company provides high levels of affiliate support in the form of promotional materials. Additionally, affiliates can recruit sub-affiliates and earn 3% commissions on all their generated income as well, according to the LottoRevenues affiliate site.

Lottosend Verdict

On a customer level, Lottosend seems like a poor choice, as playing the lottery is less a chance to win big and more like a state-run tax for people who don't understand the laws of probability. If you want to spend money on the chance you'll win big, more power to you – but we wouldn't recommend it.

On the other hand, becoming a Lottosend affiliate is likely a solid income earning opportunity. Despite the far-off chances of winning the Powerball jackpot, this doesn't stop people from investing a large proportion of their disposable income on the off chance they'll win, resulting in a built-in demographic to pull from and market to.

Since Lottosend makes it easier than ever to buy multiple tickets at once in the comfort of your own home, anyone you refer to the company is likely to result in solid income, even at a modest 15%.

The trick would be generating enough volume in referrals to compound that 15% higher – as well as recruiting a solid affiliate team beneath you to receive your own 3% cut of their own commissions.

With the number of people playing the lottery growing ever larger – and the ease of use that Lottosend brings to buying lottery tickets – becoming an affiliate could be a solid side hustle for a dedicated affiliate marketer.

Sure, you're encouraging people to blow their cash on lotto tickets, but they were probably going to do that anyway without your help. Might as well get something out of the arrangement, right?

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