MailChimp is still a winner in the email game for small businesses.

mailchimpThe popular email software was created to be easy and simple to use. It enables you to send all kinds of stuff such as newsletters, invitations, reminders for your members – basically anything for your subscribers.

The way it was created by the software developers is for easy access by the consumer to send emails to a group of people. Also great for businesses as well.

Malchimp Pros

Businesses that are in the cloud come and go really often. That is not a concern for MailChimp. They have had a long track record and a stable base of customers. The company has existed since the year of 2001 and has 8 million users. Rest assured that they have been here long enough to satisfy your needs. They aren’t going anywhere

MailChimp Easy To Join

The biggest advantage to using MailChimp is how damn easy it is to sign up for it. All you have to do is input your email address, username/password and confirm your email. All this takes minutes to do and you are on your way to using MailChimp.

Wide Availability Of Themes

The biggest problem that people face when using software like this is managing their emails and making it look and feel good. This is especially critical for mobile. Fortunately, MailChimp gets the job done by giving you ready made themes for your emails. They are also super easy to customize for your preferences.

Your life gets easier if you have programming experience. You have all sorts of flexibility because MailChimp gives you the foundation on whatever the hell you want to do on their software. You have lots of room to work with if you are a programmer. The templates are extremely easy to use and are designed for the average consumer.

A significant majority of the themes are mobile friendly. MailChimp offers you the ability to test the emails that you have created on how good it is for mobile.


Obtaining Contacts

Many obstacles that people face with alternative software is the issue of importing your previous contacts. Luckily, MailChimp makes it super easy to import your existing contacts from other places. All you have to do is click a button in order to create a new list. Then the software will walk you into the procedure of importing your list. Things get better and better with MailChimp.

It’s Affordable

The company has three payment plans. First, you start off with free. This means you will be able to use MailChimp for free unless you reach a certain number of subscribers.

Most people will stay on free because people just don’t have enough subscribers out there to warrant purchasing a plan. They offer 12,000 emails a month and 2000 subscribers. You don’t even have to input your credit card information or sign a contract. Sounds like a good deal to be true! That’s how amazing MailChimp is.

The other two plans are there if you have up to 600,000 subscribers. The final plan is if you have 600,000+ subscribers. Just check out their site if you have that many subscribers.

Mailchimp Absorbing other Platforms

Another awesome benefit to MailChimp is that it is capable of absorbing all the other popular platforms out there. MailChimp will be able to use all the popular platforms that you use.

Thanks to this feature people can easily opt in and hand their email to you. Subscribing to newsletters can be done with ease without any significant work on your part. The age of clicking a bunch of buttons for hours is gone. The age of coding until you got it right is gone as well.

With just clicking a few buttons you can add other platforms to MailChimp in a manner of minutes.

MailChimp Cons

Making mistakes with your contacts

This is a pretty common mistake. MailChimp’s business model is based on how many emails you harvested plus the number of emails that you send.

The consequence of this is if you end up accidentally importing your contacts multiple times. Even though you added the same number of contacts in different mailing lists or just by making a mistake – you pay more if you are under a paid version of their plan.


Email Targeting is Hard

You can be efficient with your emails if you can properly divide your subscribes into different categories and sections. By doing this you can target your subscribers and give them emails that are designed just for them.

Here’s an example – if you are in charge of the fire department in your area and you have a promising martial art course that can be used for your firefighters. If you had the option of dividing all your firefighters to people who need the training the most versus the people who don’t need the training, then your goal of teaching the firefighters is much more efficient and better.

Perhaps you need to divide your firefighters by age, height, weight, and overall body size. If you could do this then you can have specific martial art training that is geared toward short people or for a younger age group. Maybe, older people need a different training regimen compared to the young guy. Having the ability to divide your subscribers precisely can allow you to market better to your subscribers.

Unfortunately, MailChimp is quite difficult to use with this regard. That’s the major downside to this software.


In conclusion you should definitely use MailChimp if you only have a few subscribers (less than 2000 or so.) It’s cost effective and easy to use. What else is there to love about this?

If you have HUGE email list (500,000+) and need to target your subscribers specifically (like the firefighter example) then MailChimp isn’t a good idea for you. Because to be honest with you – MailChimp sucks at that job. Find something else if that’s your goal.

There’s a trial version that you can try out risk free to see if MailChimp is for you. If you like it you like. If you don’t you don’t.

MailChimp is an excellent tool to use if you are their target audience. This software was designed for people with a small amount of subscribers – not for huge ones.

It assists you greatly if you are a small business owner with your email marketing. There’s no need to hire a professional marketer thanks to MailChimp.

It’s really easy to use and the templates are super flexible. This is great for business owners and anyone who has the job of managing a bunch of emails.

It’s important to remember that the target audience for Mail Chimp is for people who have a small amount of subscribers. Not for professionals who need lots and lots of data to make the perfect decision. You’ll resent MailChimp if that’s your intent.

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