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MWR Life or Make Wealth Real offers the chance to become a lifestyle consultant for the Florida-based company. They want to help people of all ages and classes become a huge success.

To do so, people become lifestyle consultants and sell memberships†for†a huge range of benefits or services that most people already use, such as online medical information, roadside assistance plans, and discount shopping and dining plans.

The goal at MWR Life and Make Wealth Real is to help others help themselves.

Signing for free information up brings you to Yoni Ashurovís video. The purpose of the video is to teach people about MWR Life and the money-making opportunity available to everyone. Get paid daily and earn bonuses for every person you refer to MWR Life. Each customer that buys one of the plans brings you a commission that is paid daily.


What Is Make Wealth Real?

Yoni Ashurov is Make Wealth Realís founder, president, and CEO. Per Ashurovís LinkedIn page, his family immigrated to Canada when he was young. He started a company at the young age of 17. He earned a bachelorís in business administration in 2004. Since then, heís built several organizations in numerous markets, including real estate, finance, and sales. Companies he owns include:

  • Energy Management Systems
  • JR Investments
  • Latin American Real Estate Holdings
  • MWR Life

He founded MWR Life in 2013 in Aventura, Florida. This company led to him being honored as a Top 100 Global Direct Selling CEO in 2016.

The Product

The ultimate goal in Make Wealth Real involves sales. For each consumer who buys a plan, you get $25. If they sign up to become a lifestyle consultant, you earn additional commissions. The more you sell, the more you earn. All lifestyle consultants start at the first level. Make it to level 10 and earn the most.

The program revolves around the two packages. They cost $49.97 per month. You cannot purchase either program on line. You must sign up through a lifestyle consultant.

With the Lifestyle Advantage Plan, members receive $500 travel dollars. Use these dollars to reserve hotel rooms. Any unused travel dollars at the end of the month increase the next monthís travel balance. The shopping and dining plan gives you $250 in Make Wealth Real cash. Use this cash to buy items through MWR Lifeís shopping website. Youíll also receive $100 in manufacturer coupons each month.

Life Essentials Collection features 10 services and benefits. Consumers purchasing this plan receive:

  • $20,000 accidental death or dismemberment policy
  • 24-hour medical advice from board certified nurses and doctors without cost
  • 24-hour emergency roadside assistance
  • Complimentary 60-minute consultation with one of the network's lawyers, a 25% discount on legal representation, and access to will preparation software
  • Financial consultations
  • Free identity theft protection through AIG with $2,000 for lost wages and a $100 deductible
  • Tax Hotline for tax questions and free basic tax preparation and filing
  • Tech support with free anti-virus and malware software
  • Virtual concierge service
  • Worldwide emergency medical air transportation

The Opportunity

Making money with MWR Life seems easy enough, providing youíre good at sales. To get started, pay a fee of $99 or $299. The $99 gold package gets you a Make Wealth Real website, free trial voucher codes, a mobile app for tracking, and the training center access. The $299 platinum package adds access to a luxury vehicle club and daily guarantee, which helps you earn more money.

Once youíve signed up, get others to buy the packages. You earn $25 for every customer that enrolls. If you get members to sign up to become lifestyle consultants, you earn up to $50 for each customer they enroll. You also earn customer residuals of up to $8 per day, and team residuals of as much as $3 per day. MWR Life offers payments daily on the Make Wealth Real debit card. Residuals end if the customer cancels his or her plan.

Final Thoughts On Make Wealth Real

The reality of Make Wealth Real is that $50 per month is high.

Each item sold through MWR Lifeís online store allows you to use a percentage of your shopping dollars. If a pair of sunglasses cost $100 and $40 MWR dollars go towards the purchase, you still pay $60 for those sunglasses. The same is true of the travel dollars. They discount travel, but youíll never get a free hotel room.

The other programís services also have restrictions that make the program less appealing. For example, the identity theft program says you get $25,000 in protection. That protection is only good for expenses related to the identity theft, such as legal expenses. The lost wages it claims to cover is limited to $500 for up to four weeks. Thereís also a $100 deductible per period. For the ìfreeî tax preparation, the terms in the fine print do state that ìcomplex tax returnsî are prepared for $60 per hour.î †Roadside assistance only covers up to $100 per event.

The videos make it sound as though lifestyle consultants will be making hundreds or thousands per month. The reality came at the very end of the video. MWR Life puts a disclaimer saying, ìthe average participant earns between $500 and $2,000 per year.î If you break that down, thatís not enough money to quit your job and have financial freedom.

For the plans offered with Make Wealth Real, unless you pay hundreds for travel, shopping, and dining out each month, itís very unlikely youíll recover the $49.95 monthly fee. It's also unlikely you'll ever make enough in commissions to cover the cost it takes to sign up and become a consultant.

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