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It is difficult to sort through all the different stocks on the market today. The way everything seems to be going, it is either a hit or a miss. There is hardly ever a stock that is in between.

However, if you are a day trader, or just an hour trader looking to invest in something different, you might want to try Angel Nexus's idea of getting into Marijuana stock.

According to Angel Nexus presentation video, they were at the front line when a certain stock was offered. And when the door opened, they were able to cash in on 830% profit for investing at just the right time. Now, they are once again informing the public of another Marijuana Stock that could see the same kind of return on investment.

What Is Angel Nexus?

According to, was registered on June 20, 2006. It has since been updated on October 16, 2016. The site is stated to be registered to Mr. Kyle Renfrow from Baltimore, Maryland. The site is also listed under the business name of Angel Publishing LLC.

When you do a generic search for any information on Mr. Renfrow, you will come across several different people.

However, when you narrow down the search to Kyle Renfrow Angel Publishing LLC you will find him on LinkedIn. If you happen to do a little digging on Angel Nexus you will find that they have about 333K visitors a month and ranks 124,069 for traffic.

While you will find information about Angel Nexus, you won't find very much for Kyle Renfrow. Since this site is for investing in Marijuana stocks, you would think that there would be more to find on Mr. Renfrow.

Angel Nexus Product

There really isn't a product so to speak. What you will find on the site is a simple video presentation explaining why you should sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter is chalk full of vital information on Marijuana, and other stocks that you should get into this year.

The price for signing up to the newsletter is $1,999. Plus you will get 30-days to try out the stocks suggested and see if the reports that you receive are worth it. If they aren’t you can call and get a full refund within the 30-days.

Angel Nexus Opportunity

The only opportunity to earn any money is by investing in the stocks that Kyle and his team suggest through their newsletter. The newsletter is compiled of different stocks that are set to earn a return on investment this year.

Other than signing up for the newsletter and investing in the different markets that Angel Nexus suggests, there is no other way to earn money. The site doesn't offer any affiliate links to promote or anything like that.

Angel Nexus Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. First off, when you sit back and watch the introduction video it doesn’t really give you and real information. Sure, it talks about stocks and pot, and how you should invest in the Marijuana industry.

However, the video never explains why you should. Sure, it throws around percentages and numbers, but never really gives you a detailed reason for doing so.

The next red flag is how there is very little information about the so-called registered owner. Kyle Renfrow is a no name. There is no information about why anyone should listen to what he has to say. There are no credible references that you can look at to see if his track record is good.

The third red flag that comes up is how the site redirects you to a completely different site called “The Outsider Club”. It is through this site that most of the research and information is done.

So, in reality, you aren’t signing up for anything to do with Angel Nexus, but in fact, are hustled over to a different site. It is there that you can sign up for the ‘newsletter’ and get valuable information about the different stocks.

Finally, after jumping through several hoops you come to the price of the program. If $1,999 doesn’t throw you off, nothing will. While the site does offer a refund, with a price tag of $1,999 you should be pretty certain you know what you are getting yourself into.

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