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Market Hero Review

alex-beckerNo matter what type of marketing business you are in, leads are something you need to have for the health of your business. You can attract leads to come to you using various methods, and after a while, you may notice there are some methods that work better than others and translate into profits.

What are these profitable methods? One of them, in particular, is the way you collect leads each time you send them emails. Of course, when you are sending these mass emails you are not doing it yourself; you will use an autoresponder to do all the work for you.

As functional as autoresponders can be in that aspect, there is something a lot of them are missing. Sure, there is no doubt they are helpful for e-mail campaigns, but there is an obvious difference between the businesses that use them and barely profit and those are that are thriving.

How can you increase your profiting game? This is where Market Hero comes in. It is one of the first autoresponders of its kind that is focused on helping you make money. “The money is in the list” is a popular saying that couldn't be truer. Emails are still the best way for you to close and make sales.

The Company

If you were to visit Market Hero‘s website, you might notice a few things that cause you to lift a brow. The lack of complete information available and nonworking links are the primary offenders. Because of this, it can be easy for some people to be dubious about the company.

However, the concept of Market Hero has been in the works for a while. Nonetheless, the company officially established itself in May of 2015 in Dallas, Texas, while the website, a more recent addition, is still under construction. Alex Becker, the owner of Market Hero, is no stranger to the marketing world.

He is a tech entrepreneur, author, speaker, programmer, and search engine optimization expert. He also has a YouTube Channel you can take a look at where he talks about the methods he has done with free tips on what you can do to earn money online, so this guy is the real deal.

Not only is he the founder of Market Hero, but he is also the founder for Source Wave, both of which are already multimillion-dollar brands. Moving forward, he wants Market Hero, a specialized marketing optimization software, to help any business connect with their customers and monitor those results to drastically improve their ROI, Return on Investment, ranking.

Its worth it to note that market hero is from the same creators and team who made workhorse happen, a popular SEO plugin.


The Product

Market Hero is a unique autoresponder that is specially built to help you generate more profit in four simple ways:

The ROI Tracking System

  • It is a long term accuracy system, which means all leads are frequently “re-cookied” any time a customer opens an email, that way important tracking date is never lost. It ensures accuracy even when they are using various devices.
  • Only autoresponder available that will help track each sale and conversion for you
  • If you already have an autoresponder and want to convert to Market Hero, the transfer can seamlessly be integrated with their tracking system. There is a simple conversion code you copy and paste on your pages.
  • You will able to visualize how much each lead is worth over time to determine what is giving you the best ROI

Complete Optimization

  • Auto-optimized funnels channel your emails and may get split tested depending on CTR, or click-through rate, and headline. Once a certain number of users are through, you will receive the best headlines and content available instantly.
  • The optimized funnels on Market Hero will give you exact numbers as well as provide you a long term value of customers. It will also help improve the longevity of your brand or business based on those numbers and your ROI.
  • E-mails are also automatically optimized based on your highest open rate subjects to get the most out of all clicks.

Design and Features

  • The software was designed to be as simple for anyone to use as possible minus the complexity and get you on the pathway to more profit faster.
  • There is a Pure Fire Email Builder that enables you to create emails the way you want. Simple emails can be completed fast, but there are also other designs available.
  • There is also the option to add opt-in buttons or boxes on any of your pages using Pure Fire, which takes away the need for you to use other software with Market Hero

Fully Automated

  • The system itself is well-automated and also has customized ads available depending on personalized requests.
  • The “No Change Needed Sales Automation” easily swiftly replies to all your customer's response and buying behavior with a few copy and pastes.
  • The tagging system is highly responsive and reactive. You can automatically tag, segment, and respond to your customers depending on their actions and products they purchase

The system is made to work with you, not against you, so no changes will ever be made after you implement it.

Pricing options are fluid (credit cards, wire transfers, checks, and Paypal are all acceptable payment methods) and vary depending on the contacts. It starts off for as little as $9 a month, or $92 per year, with 500 contacts to as much as $415, or $4,233 per year, for at least 100,000 contacts.

If you do choose to go for the annual option, there is a 15% discount. If you are a non-profit businesses, you are automatically eligible for a 20% discount when you ask.

The Program

The only way you can potentially profit with the program is to use it yourself and see what it does for you as there are no affiliate or commission based programs available.

However, there seems to be a partnership option for those who are interested in the contact page.

Should you decide to use it, you can be happy knowing that it is easy to reach out to people when you need the help. Market Hero has all types of support available, and their trained staff members are there to respond to your questions via phone, e-mail, or on social media (such as Twitter or Facebook).

There is also a chat box option for those that want a more immediate response. These forms of support will come in handy anytime you are experiencing technical issues as well. Market Hero has worldwide support, so anyone anywhere around the world can use the software.

Asides from questions and concerns, there is also ongoing educational support via their training and monthly webinar sessions. You are able to receive helpful tips, ideas and ask questions to real marketing experts who have been in the game a long time. Both the training and webinars are made to help you grow your email marketing list and overall business as a whole.

The Verdict

Market Hero is definitely a new type of stand-alone software that is already making a name for itself. You probably will not find another similar software anywhere else. It is an excellent program for anyone who wants that extra help to make more money, and see how that profit is being made.

Market Hero can accurately calculate what you are spending compared to what your leads make you. Whether you are completely new to email marketing or are already familiar with it, this software is the answer.

Keep in mind that Market Hero will only be useful for those who are looking for ways to optimize their business or brand potential and are willing to purchase the program to get there.

So to all the marketers, SEO enthusiasts, and small businesses owners out there, you may want to take a look at this and at least give it a try because there is a trial version if you want to give it chance and test majority of the software's features.

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