matrix king

Matrix King is a simple and straightforward MLM recruitment scheme that provides monetary rewards for the recruitment of affiliates.

What Is Matrix King?

There is no information available concerning who is behind Matrix King. The site itself is registered to a Mohammad Mansuri, but the company name associated with the registration is Netafraz  Hosting, an Iranian web hosting company.

Over 99 percent of Matrix King's web traffic comes from Iran, according to Alexa, making it an almost foregone conclusion that the site is hosted there.

The site itself was registered in December of 2016.

Matrix King Product

There is no product associated with Matrix King. Members of the site gain access to an online library of internet marketing eBooks, but this is not the primary focus of the site.

Matrix King Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Matrix King is in the form of an extremely simple 2×4 matrix cycler MLM affiliate recruitment program.

Individuals joining Matrix King need to pay a $10 registration fee, which places them at the top of a brand-new 2×4 matrix. New affiliates then receive $5 for every new recruit under them until the entire matrix is filled.

Whenever a matrix is completely filled, the original affiliate receives a $150 bonus.

Closing out a matrix entitles the affiliate to re-enroll by paying into the system with another $10.

Matrix King Verdict

Matrix King is incredibly simplistic, as if it's Baby's First MLM Scheme. The flaws of such a program are readily apparent – the system only works as long as recruitment remains high.

Otherwise, there's no revenue being taken in by the company to pay out those $5 commissions to all its hapless affiliates.

It's quite obvious that Matrix King is only going to benefit the anonymous administrators of the affiliate program. $10 goes in for every new affiliate, but only $5 goes back out.

Even bonus payouts of $150 only occur after filling a 30-position 2×4 matrix, which has resulted in $300 in payments to the company.

With the difficulty of recruiting 30 individuals, it's highly unlikely that Matrix king will be paying out too many $150 commission bonuses.

Instead they'll end up pocketing that money, along with the membership fees from all its hapless affiliates who thought it was a good idea to enroll in the program.

Honestly, there's little we can say about this program that isn't painfully obvious. We've seen some rather elaborate MLM recruitment scams in our day, but this is likely the most straightforward and simplest one we've ever seen.

It's almost refreshing in its bare-bones approach. It makes us feel as if the individuals behind the scheme are rather clueless.

There may be some cultural implications that are behind this. Iran isn't exactly the most open of countries, as Western culture and ideas that make it across Iranian borders are usually smuggled.

This could mean that Iranians have had little to no exposure to things such as MLM or affiliate recruitment schemes and scams, as these are a decidedly Western invention.

This is of course pure speculation but it does provide at least a modicum of reasoning behind the almost laughable simplicity of the Matrix King scheme.

In any event, what will really happen with Matrix King is that the anonymous administrators of the site will take the money and run once recruitment dies down.

After all those bottom-of-the-matrix affiliates figure out there's no way they're going to get that big payout, they'll probably just do their best to break even by recruiting a bare minimum of 2 affiliates under them.

More honest affiliates will likely just drop it altogether and chalk it up to a relatively inexpensive life lesson.

Do we really have to say it? Avoid Matrix King. It's not going to make you any money in the long-term. It's the most obvious of scams, like a mouse trap with a giant, flashing neon sign above it.

Don't be the dummy that sticks their hand in it, even after being warned – you're just going to end up being laughed at.

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