matrix war

MatrixWar is a gift giving site that utilizes BitCoin as their payment processor to give and receive funds.

What is MatrixWar?

The site was registered September 2016. The name listed as the owner of the site isn't given. However, you will find that the company Matrix War is listed as well as an address in India.

The site goes on to say that the company has a team of marketers from all over the globe including the United States, Belgium, and India. All the members have experience in online marketing for at least 3 years.

When you look into their Facebook account you will notice five individuals listed as the administrators for the Facebook account. 2 out of the 5, Albert Disoosa and Steve Caro list themselves as the actual owners of the site.

The Product

There are no products listed on the site. The only thing that people can buy is the membership packages that allow you to become a part of the matrix gift giving system.

The Opportunity

MatrixWar is first and foremost a gift giving site. You are required to buy into the system in order to make money from it. The money you spend to join goes directly to your up line and places you at the head of your system. The system is set up as a 2×8 matrix from there you must recruit two people to be placed directly under you.

You are required to recruit your own downline. The site does offer what they call “spillover” but the chances of that actually happening is rare. The site goes on to tell you that you must fill in the available slots yourself if you want to make any money.

In order to join you must pay 0.015 BTC to the person who recruited you. From there, your downline on the first level will pay you 0.015 BTC. Those on the second level directly under your two recruits will pay you 0.02 BTC. In total from level two, you will make 0.08 from four individuals. When you have grown to a level three, you will then receive 0.04 BTC from eight members directly below you. That is a total of 0.32 BTC for the level three matrix. If you happen to get 16 affiliates under you to complete the matrix you will receive 1.6 BTC in total for all 16 members signed up in your matrix system.

The payments go as far as 8 levels deep. When all is said and done you will have 256 members under you. You will then be able to receive 6.5 BTC per member giving you a grand total of 1,664 BTC. What makes this so lucrative is that this system is set up to monthly reoccurring payments as long as each member stays in the matrix system. On the downside, the total cost per month to you to stay in the matrix is going to be 11.175 BTC a month. According to Google, 11.175 BTC amounts to $6,842.56 every single month.

The Verdict

There seems to be a lot of new gift giving systems on the internet these days. One thing that all of them have in common is that the administrators are the only ones who will come out on top. It is no different with Matrix Wars.

The site even mentions how the owners at one point or another got burned from previous systems. This alone should tell you the reason they created this site was to hedge their bets and break even. So, they are hoping individuals won't do their research when it comes to converting the dollar to Bitcoin. Sure, it may seem like 0.015 BTC isn't so bad. But according to google that comes out to $9.17. You have to pay that every month at the very minimum to stay in the game.

Another thing that makes this system such a high risk is how the site doesn't list who actually runs the show. In order to get this information, you have to go to Facebook. From there, you will see that the two individuals who list themselves as the owners don' even look old enough to be out of school.

Gift giving is always a bad idea. There are no real products that you can keep. The system requires you to pay in every month and only the top leaders actually make the big bucks. It would be best if you ignore this site and any other gift giving site that springs up.

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