Matriz Strategy

The Matriz Strategy is a 2×5 matrix system that offers its members different levels to earn money. The site is set up to receive Bitcoins for its payment. The idea behind Matriz Strategy is to gain as many members as possible to build a downline and to make the most money.

While there are several matrix systems already online these days it is difficult to tell one from the other. So what makes Matriz Strategy so different? Why should you join this site over another?

What Is Matriz Strategy?

According to, was registered on May 3, 2017. The site is registered to Jhoan Smith from Bogota, Colombia. When looking into who Mr. Smith is, it becomes apparent that it is a fictitious name. With a name like Jhoan, it is possible that the actual owner was trying for John and simply spelled it wrong due to language barriers.

When looking further into Matriz Strategy you will find several marketing videos on YouTube. These videos are hosted under the account of “Marketing Latino”.

You will find several screenshots and other relevant information about Matriz Strategy through the YouTube channel including a few people who might actually be the real registered owners of the site.

The people that come up when looking through the YouTube channel and through Facebook are Wilter Amaro Alvarez and Antonio Sevilla. However, there is no evidence that points to which one actually runs the site. Both are very active members who promote Matriz Strategy.

Looking into the background and social presence of these two people you will find that Sevilla is based out of Florida and promotes Marketing Latino affiliated links on his Facebook page. Some of the websites that have been promoted through Marketing Latino includes Infinity BTC Cycles, Five2BTC, Fort Ad Pays, Spinding, and Wenyard.

You will find that none of these sites have stood up to the test of time and have failed because of one thing or another.

Matriz Strategy Products

When you look at Matriz Strategy you will see that the site doesn't offer any retail products. It doesn't offer any real services either. The only thing a member can really promote is the membership to the matrix system opportunity.

Matriz Strategy Opportunity

The system is simple enough. A new affiliate is placed at the top of the matrix system once they paid their dues of 0.06 BTC. From there the affiliate needs to start filling up the downline. The first goal is to find two recruits who will gift them 0.002 BTC. In return those recruits find two of their own affiliates to sign up.

Level 1 will cost 0.002 BTC to join. The second level will cost 0.003 BTC. The third level costs 0.01 BTC. Level four is 0.05 BTC while level five is 0.5 BTC.

Each level requires a different amount of recruits to sign up to fill the positions. On level one, you are looking at finding just two people. By level five though, you need 32 people to sign up.

Matriz Strategy Verdict

When it comes to matrix systems there is always that possibility that someone on the bottom is going to lose. The only real way these systems work for people is if they already have their downline in place and have recruits lined up to sign on. If not, then getting people in line to gift money to you may be difficult.

Despite not knowing who is running the show, there are other red flags that make Matriz Strategy a high-risk investment. If you are interested though in signing up just be sure you can afford the 0.06 BTC payments that are required to get on board. In case you were wondering, 0.06 BTC is about $146.33 American dollars.

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