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Means To Wealth (often abbreviated as M2W) is a binary 2×2 and 2×3 forced matrix cycler recruitment scheme masquerading as a “business mentorship and entrepreneurship” training and education company.

What Is Means To Wealth?

M2W operates out of Lagos, Nigeria, with an address linked to what looks like a building that hosts weekly chapel meetings. This is noteworthy because one of the listed founders of the company is Blessing Maxwell, described as lead pastor for Eagles Family International Assembly in Nigeria. The other owner, Elvis Ekeoyo, is a self-described “professional network marketer.”

There's no other information regarding either Ekeoyo or Maxwell to be found on the internet, besides the possible tenuous connection between Maxwell as a pastor and the church space listed at M2W's physical address. The M2W website itself was registered anonymously in late August of 2017, which does nothing to back up or contradict any of the information on the website.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to become involved with any financial services company that doesn't have a clear and transparent executive, staff, or address listing, it's a strong red flag that may indicate a disreputable company.

Means To Wealth Product

Despite the voluminous copy on the M2W website that touts the many different economic training and education opportunities provided by the company, the truth is that there are no actual products available to M2W members. Instead, the only activity open to members is to recruit new affiliates by marketing the forced matrix scheme.

Means To Wealth Opportunity

There are two main opportunities with M2W, both of which are matrices. The first is a 2×2 forced “feeder matrix.” Joining the matrix requires the equivalent of a $50 “registration fee” places you at the top of a new matrix; new recruits brought in under you award you $10 commissions.

Payout is $20 for 2 referrals or $60 for 6 referrals. An additional “matrix bonus” pays those who complete their matrix an additional $10, making total payout for the feeder matrix between $30 and $70.

Graduating from the feeder matrix places an affiliate at the top of a six-tier 2×3 matrix cycler. Filling this first matrix with 14 downline recruits nets you a possible payout of $300 – each recruit provides a $15 payout, and filling the matrix offers a $90 bonus.

These payouts continue to increase every time you complete a matrix cycle, with the final level offering a total of $10,000 in awards for completing the matrix successfully.

Means To Wealth Verdict

It goes without saying that M2W isn't much different than any other matrix-based affiliate chain recruitment scheme. In other words, you pay into a system for the privilege of moving through it by recruiting others to follow in your footsteps repeatedly and earning progressively larger rewards for each cycle you complete.

The problem here is that your progress is completely dependent on the ability of those you've recruited, both directly and indirectly, to be able to replicate your success in recruitment activities. Each person you recruit is placed at the top of their own matrix, after all, and they've got to find another 14 people to fill their matrix cycler – and each of those 14 people have to find 14 people of their own, and so on.

Recruitment requirements thus increase exponentially until the number of people required to be paying into the system to power you through it becomes astronomical and therefore practically impossible. This means that you're unlikely to progress very far through M2W's secondary 2×3 matrix cycler, as the system will probably break down well before that, collapsing under its own weight.

At this point, M2W's two “co-founders” will likely disappear into the night with all the money they've gathered from buy-ins and from being in pre-loaded matrix positions, never to be heard from again. Meanwhile, anyone who's been paying their way through the system in hopes of a profit is out a considerable amount of money – and it's money you'll likely never see again.

In other words, give Means To Wealth a very wide berth – it's nothing but trouble, and not worth the effort.

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