mema affiliate marketing

MEMA Affiliate Marketing – or simply MEMA for short – is an affiliate marketing scheme that involves selling varied types of telephone services, such as emergency roadside assistance, to customers located within the country of South Africa.

What Is MeMa?

There’s nothing on the MEMA site that would explain who owns or operates the company. However, the site’s domain registration info reveals the registrant is a Quinton Le Grange, of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s not clear whether Le Grange is the company’s owner, a member of its staff, or simply the company’s web developer.

MeMa Product

MEMA provides access to several different telephone services as its core product line, with all prices being in the South African Rand. These telephone services include access to:

  • Home assistance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Tax and financial assistance
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Home assistance
  • Personal health advisory assistance

These services cost R50 a month.

MeMa Opportunity

Becoming a MEMA affiliate costs R200 in combined activation and annual membership fees. After these fees have been paid, affiliates can receive R50 for every direct recruit as part of his or her 1st-level downline.

There are 6 different affiliate ranks to earn, starting at Bronze for an affiliate with 1 recruit and progressing through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Eagle. The requirements and the rewards for each level are as folllows:

  • Bronze: access to commissions 4 levels deep; 50% commissions on level 1, 4% on all other levels
  • Silver: access to commissions 5 levels deep; 50% commissions on levels 1 and 2, 5% on all other levels
  • Gold: access to commissions 6 levels deep; 40% commissions on levels 1 and 2, 6% on all other levels
    Platinum: access to commissions 7 levels deep; 30% commissions on levels 1, 2, and 3, 7% on all other levels
  • Diamond: access to commissions 8 levels deep; 20% commissions on all levels
  • Eagle: access to commissions 10 levels deep; commissions based on a complex “optimization table” ranging from 15% to 2%

Additional membership costs are R70 per month to maintain affiliate status. Affiliates are required to maintain at least one core service on a monthly basis

MeMa Verdict

Regardless of the highly situational nature of the company – its services are only useful to those living in South Africa – there’s no information on marketing MEMA as a stand-alone service. Instead it seems that in order to maintain these services, you must also be an affiliate. This means that instead of MEMA running on a business model that provides both retail sales opportunities and additional affiliate recruitment, MEMA requires its affiliates to maintain at least one of its services as part and parcel of being an active affiliate.

This particular business model places all of the focus on building recruitment. This is an inherently unstable situation, as there are only so many individuals who will want MEMA’s services enough to become an affiliate as well.

While the price of these services aren’t relatively expensive, a better business model would have been to market the services on a retail level directly to customers and then have an independent affiliate recruitment scheme that didn’t rely on being a retail customer as well. This would ensure a better separation between the two spheres and would prevent the company from devolving into an affiliate recruitment-centric pyramid scheme.

As far as the telephone services themselves, not much time or energy is devoted to them on the MEMA website. It’s almost as if they’re an afterthought, more of a fig leaf to conceal the affiliate pyramid recruitment scheme than anything else.

Combined with the fact that we really don’t know who’s running MEMA, we feel reticent in recommending this opportunity to anyone in South Africa.

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