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Need an easy one-stop communications tool that links parents to teachers and other school related activities? MemberHub is that place. With MemberHub you can collaborate with teachers, PTA members and parents all in one spot.

The Company

MemberHub is a dedicated to helping teachers and families engage in the course of the student's life. With MemberHub there is no more confusion about what is happening and when. All you need to know is right there for anyone to see. If there is a change in meeting time for PTA, you simply jump online to see the changes. If there is an announcement that needs to reach parents, they will be able to see it right from their phone and stay on track with what is going on within the school.

MemberHub was created to help bridge the gap between the facility of the school and the parents so that everyone is constantly on the same page. Created by Matt Harrell and his father Loren Harrell developed MemberHub to end the confusion and found a better way to manage communications in one spot.

The concept of MemberHub is to get the parents more involved with their child’s education and provided local businesses the opportunity to help out their local schools.

The Product

With MemberHub as a parent, you will receive your child's school directory. You will be informed of the constant changes without the overload of flyers and paperwork that your child brings home. MemberHub is an excellent way to go completely paperless. No more forgotten notes the teacher sends home that your child has forgotten or misplaced. No confusion as to what is happening around campus. MemberHub is an app that can easily be downloaded to any phone whether it is Android or IPhone.

Now you can be fully engaged in your child's education. You will receive Online Signups, newsletters, calendar, activity feeds, reminders and so much more. MemberHub links all that is going on with your child and their school.

Plus with MemberHub you can help your school raise funds through one line ad campaigns that are linked to the bottom of each and every email sent out to parents. Business in the community are already helping out the schools, but what if your school could boost the business by adding their sponsored link to every single email that goes out to parents. Using MemberHub, your school has the potential of raising $21 per student per year. No more hustling for money for new playground equipment or jerseys. With MemberHub you are helping your child succeed and your school to grow.

The Verdict

It seems that now a day’s communication between school staff and parents is all but silent. Sure, as a parent you get a few notices per week if your child remembers to bring home the paper. But what if there was a way to stay on top of what is going on in your child's school? That is where MemberHub comes into play.

With a simple app, you are now completely aware of what is going on from meeting to programs and everything in between. Plus, there will be fewer papers to throw away, less printing and work for the facility and less stress. MemberHub is literally a one stop shop for everything your school needs to communicate with you the parent.

Brilliantly designed, easy to use MemberHub really is the only tool your school will ever need.

For the facility, no more wasting valuable time with printers that break down. No more stacks of paper that clutter the desks or the extra costs for paper and ink for the printers. MemberHub takes care of all your administrative needs and organizes the school efficiently.

The cost of MemberHub is different for every school and a consultation is required to get the amount for the system. But with MemberHub, you aren’t paying for anything you don’t already use. So why not get your school more organized? Why not open communications between parents and staff? MembeHub builds that bridge to a bright future for your school and your child.

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