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MERIT Paycheck is a training and educational program that teaches individuals how to invest and option trade on QQQs, a type of exchange-traded funds. MERIT Paycheck, which stands for My Early Retirement Income Trading, claims that its training and investment advice can turn a $600 investment into a six-figure income.

What Is Merit Paycheck?

MERIT Paycheck is run by Wendy Kirkland, based in Asheville, North Carolina, is a successful options trader that specializes in providing her knowledge to others, particularly when it comes to women interested in becoming involved in investment and stock trading.

In addition to her own successful trading and her advisory services through MERIT Paycheck, Kirkland has also written several books on the subject. In her spare time, she enjoys running a gift shop in Asheville.

Merit Paycheck Product

MERIT Paycheck is an annual subscription-based service that provides members with several different types of guidance and advice when it comes to trading the QQQs. Reliance on her methods have supposedly yielded members anywhere between 85% to 95% success rates.

Membership includes not just access to Kirkland’s advice but also several training products such as:

  • Option Trading The Essential QQQs, a 204-page manual and accompanying trio of DVDs filled with training and educational material
  • MERIT Quintessential QQQ Debit Spreads, a manual that provides instruction on debit spreads as a method for minimizing risk
  • Access to the MERIT Option Trader’s chatroom, to speak directly with Kirkland, her staff, and other members of MERIT Paycheck

Usual price for this service is $1997 for 12 months of access. However, Kirkland is offering an additional year of service at no charge, providing a total of 24 months for the same price – working out to around $2.74 per day.

Merit Paycheck Opportunity

Kirkland asserts that following her methods and advice can result in individuals turning a single $600 investment into several thousand dollars over the course of just a month, paving the way for bigger and more successful QQQ trades and eventually creating a six-figure income for yourself.

Merit Paycheck Verdict

Wendy Kirkland is one of the few options traders out there that not only has a very strong track record when it comes to her own QQQ trades but has a devoted and passionate following of members that has also seen great successes from her MERIT system. This bodes well for anyone interested in learning more about options trading – especially trading the QQQs – and who wants to ensure the information they’re receiving is accurate and beneficial.

That being said, this opportunity is most certainly not for everyone, thanks to the high price of entry. Nearly $2000 for two years’ worth of access is likely a bargain, but it represents a large up-front cost. This doesn’t take into account the further need to invest additional funds into trading the QQQs with at least $600 as Kirkland recommends.

In other words, MERIT Paycheck is likely a great solution for anyone with enough money to spend on the program without encountering financial hardship. However, those who don’t have the wherewithal to afford MERIT Paycheck are left out in the cold.

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