millionaires brain academy

Millionaire's Brain Academy (MBA) is a mindfulness program that its creator says will provide students “the brain of a millionaire” in just seven days, paving the way to financial and personal success, “just by watching a few movie previews.”

What Is Millionaire's Brain Academy

Millionaire's Brain Academy is a product created by Winter Vee, an internet marketer and motivational speaker that specializes in mindset and mindfulness programs similar to the Law of Abundance. Vee has created several other products similar to MBA.

These digital products are available through Vee's website, with ClickBank being used as the payment processor.

Millionaire's Brain Academy Product

MBA is a digital product that teaches Vee's mindset techniques that he began to develop after his life hit rock bottom in 2012, as he was jailed for drunk driving for several days in the wake of an accident.

MBA is available for $47 through ClickBank.

Millionaire's Brain Academy Opportunity

In addition to the core product, Vee offers an affiliate opportunity for anyone interested in marketing MBA to others.

Vee provides 60% commissions on all MBA products. This includes not just the core product retailing for $47 but also three one-time-offer upsells:

  •  Hyper Wealth DNA – $197
  • Copy Paste Wealth – $97
  •  IQ Jumping Audio Program – $97.

This provides opportunities to earn up to $242.49 in commissions from each sale, provided a customer decides to purchase every one of the MBA product line.

Vee provides a high level of support for affiliates with marketing copy, email campaigns, banner ads, and links to free bonus products to encourage conversion.

Millionaire's Brain Academy Verdict

Since MBA comes with an affiliate opportunity, we've chosen to focus on that instead of the content of the program itself, which is largely immaterial from an MLM or affiliate marketing point of view.

The reason for this is simple: it doesn't matter if MBA actually works or not. There's nothing wrong with self-actualization programs such as Vee is marketing.

There's always a demand for them because they have a high perceived value, and that makes them an excellent candidate for marketing as an affiliate, even if they don't actually work as intended.

Are we going to recommend investing in the product directly for personal use? That's far beyond the scope of this review.

We tend to take a skeptical view of “abundance” or “Law of Attraction” mindset products, simply because the results can be so varied and because the value of such courses is so subjective.

If you do wish to gain access to the product, simply be aware that there are three moderately expensive upsells waiting for you after the relatively inexpensive $47 initial purchase.

You'll notice there's no mention of these upsells on the main product page for MBA, which is perhaps the one black mark on the entire product, as being bombarded with upsells after purchasing what has been billed as a complete program can be frustrating for some customers.

Still, there's little risk here when it comes to marketing MBA, as it costs nothing to become a ClickBank affiliate. The only investments you'll have to make will be in time and energy spent marketing the product line, or perhaps funds you invest in marketing campaigns.

Of course, if this product turns out to not be as helpful as advertised, there could be some blowback as far as your reputation as a marketer.

While this is a valid concern – a marketer is only as trustworthy as his or her reputation – our research has not found any overtly hostile or disappointed MBA purchasers or former customers of Vee. Likewise there has been little in the way of complaint about the additional upsells.

These are good indicators that the product has enough perceived value to satisfy anyone who purchases it, regardless of how effective it actually is as a mindset product and how deeply these customers invest in the upsell products.

This helps to minimize the risk of any possible damage to reputation. It also leads us to recommend MBA as an affiliate opportunity.


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