millions 4 sure

Millions 4 Sure is the latest team building site that will help you make money by recruiting others into your downline. According to the site, with Millions4Sure you will have a stable income with this solid business model that is basically a 3×5 matrix system.

Is the site worth getting into? Let's find out.

What Is Millions 4 Sure?

There is no information on the actual site that states who runs the show. However, according to, the site was registered to Ms. LaTasha Miles on January 3, 2017. Ms. Miles is located in Corona, California.

Even with this bit of information, when doing a simple Google search you won't find anything on Ms. Miles. The site isn't found on any social media network. It is possible that LaTasha Miles is a “character” name since there is no proof that anyone by that name actually exists.

If you happen to want to contact someone from Millions4Sure there is a “Contact Us” link at the bottom the page. If you click on the link you will be directed to a simple contact form.

There is no physical address, email, or phone number for you to use to contact anyone in regards to the site or services Millions 4 Sure offers.

Millions 4 Sure Product

The site doesn't offer any tangible products. The only thing members can sell is the membership to the matrix system. What is a bit interesting though is the “Product” link at the bottom of the page.

When you click on this link you are shown a screen that suggests you can buy advertising space on the site. Unfortunately, though the site doesn't give you any details on how you can purchase advertising.

It doesn't offer any plans for you to purchase or gives any details about how to advertise with them.

Millions 4 Sure Opportunity

Millions 4 Sure is a 3×5 matrix system that is set up to put you at the top. From there you are to recruit three people to be placed directly under you. Your downline can go down five levels deep.

When you first start out at the entry level, all it will cost is $1. You won't be eligible for any compensation at this level. It isn't until you cycle into level two do you start to see some income.

At level two you can look to earn $7. Once you cycle to level 3 you are looking to earn $40. Then you cycle into level four where you can make $30,000. When and if you reach level five you are looking at over $1 million in commission.

Millions 4 Sure Verdict

There are a lot of red flags about Millions 4 Sure. The first major red flag is how the system is set up. You can't expect to make over a million dollars by just joining for $1.

Mathematics doesn't work that way. The site explains that with each new level there is a new cost that has to be paid in order to upgrade.

When you look at the business plan you have to wonder where all that extra money is going. After all, just look at level 2. It costs you $3 to get to level two which just so happens to be the exact amount you made in commissions from level one.

Now, you have to find 9 recruits to fill in all the slots of your downline before you can upgrade again. If you do the math 9×3=27. Your commission should be $27 for level two. Instead, you only get to keep $7 because level three is going to cost you $20.

So where exactly is that $20 going? It is most likely going to the owner of the site. What is interesting though is the higher the level the more “Fee's” you have to pay to stay in the game.

Level three costs you $20 to join. Then you have to find 27 members to fill in the slots. You then make $540. But level four will cost you the $500 allowing you to keep only $40. That is a lot of money for “fees” and that goes to someone else.

The best thing for you to do is steer clear of Millions 4 Sure. The only person getting anything from this site is the owner. Now, if you are curious about signing up, go for it.

The best way these systems work is if you already have a downline in place that will sign up under you so you can make money. Just remember though to make this system work you will need at least 243 people to sign up.




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