mlm ads world

MLM Ads World is a primitive MLM-centric social media site that offers members the ability to post classified ads, message other members, create groups, and engage in email and text message marketing. Members can also purchase paid banner ad space as well, and the site also promises more, deeper functionality in the future.

What Is MLM Ads World?

MLM Ads World is owned and operated by Kapil Singh, an Indian-based entrepreneur. However, Singh seems to have sourced large amounts of content for the MLM Ads World site from a nearly identical service known as Way To MLM.

In fact, under the “About Us” page, MLM Ads World uses direct copy-pasting, not even bothering to change the name from Way To MLM.

This second site is owned by Devender Kumar, also based in India. There's no telling whether Kumar and Singh have any relation to one another, whether they are business partners or not or if Singh is simply plagiarizing Kumar's website in order to create a revenue stream for himself from running paid ads of his own.

Both sites seem nearly identical. Way To MLM was registered first, in April of 2017 – MLM Ads World came second, a month later. Singh is listed as a member of Way To MLM; Kumar doesn't seem to have a membership with MLM Ads World, indicating that he may not know Singh has copied his site.

MLM Ads World Product

There's not really any “product” here with MLM Ads World – membership is free, and doing so entitles the member to access the site's list of classified ads as well as post ads of their own.

Membership also allows members to message each other, much in the same way that any social media site would allow. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of functionality.

MLM Ads World Opportunity

There's not much opportunity to be had here unless you're looking specifically for an MLM opportunity based in India – or if you're looking to run some banner ads on the site with an eye towards increasing the exposure of your own MLM opportunity.

However, with only around 13 registered active members, it's unlikely that you're going to have much luck in either instance.

MLM Ads World Verdict

MLM Ads World is an incredibly primitive site. It's hard on the eyes, impossible to navigate thanks to its confusing layout, and incomplete in functionality and content.

It's also likely completely ripped off from another site, making its owner suspect.

MLM Ads World only has around a dozen active members, making it not much of a resource. Sadly, even the source of the site, Way To MLM, isn't much better; it only has around 28 registered users. This makes neither site really much to write home about.

There's not much you're going to be able to get out of either of these sites. The MLM classifieds seem to be the most well-populated, but it's basically spam. You're better off looking elsewhere if you're on the hunt for MLM opportunities – either in India or otherwise.

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