mls bitcoin club

MLS Bitcoin Club is a nine-tier cash gifting matrix cycler scheme that uses the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC). The scheme claims to provide a ROI of nearly 50 Bitcoin if followed to completion.

What Is MLS Bitcoin Club?

While the site itself does not publicize or divulge any ownership information directly, MLS Bitcoin Club is owned by WBI Enterprises LLC, which is, in turn, a company owned by Darry Perkinson of Atlanta, GA. The site's registration data also reveals that Perkinson registered MLS Bitcoin Club in May of 2017.

Perkinson is also the owner of Massive Leverage System (the “MLS” in MLS Bitcoin Club). The company is billed as a community that educates its members on financial information, including how to make money in the cryptocurrency sector.

Prior to creating both MLS and MLS Bitcoin Club, Perkinson has promoted MLM or affiliate marketing schemes in the past. These include known and proven scams such as Karatbars International and OneCoin.

In other words, things don't look good for Perkinson and MLS Bitcoin Club already.

MLS Bitcoin Club Product

At its core, MLS Bitcoin Club is a nine-tier cash gifting scheme. New “members” purchase positions in a recruitment matrix in order to recruit members of their own. These new members then pay their sponsors for the privilege of joining the matrix and can then recruit new members of their own.

There is a collection of nine 2×2 matrices to fill with ever-increasing fees and opportunities for profit, as long as you fill each matrix and then pay the fee to upgrade to the next tier.

Supposedly, MLS Bitcoin Club also provides “cryptocurrency education services” with these matrix purchases. However, there's no indication that any education or training is taking place. In other words, the only activity – is to recruit new matrix members.

MLS Bitcoin Club Opportunity

The opportunity presented here by MLS Bitcoin Club is to start small – with a 0.04 BTC fee for the entry level matrix tier – and slowly parlay that into a massive windfall of 36 BTC at the tier-9 level.

After all is said and done, total profit to a member who progresses through every matrix at every tier is a whopping 49.72 BTC. However, the truth is that the likelihood that anyone will ever reach this promised land is slim to none.

MLS Bitcoin Club Verdict

Cash gifting schemes, whether they're paid out in USD or BTC, always rely on the same premise: they're an easy way to make money, just by recruiting a few friends to your cause.

In practice, of course, this is impossible; you may be able to fill your own first few matrices and make a few cents, but everyone you sponsor then has to go through the same steps you just did – and their recruits need to do the same – if they want to make the same money you just did.

What was just you recruiting a handful of people has become an ever-widening pyramid of people desperately trying to recruit enough new members under them to turn a profit. These types of schemes always collapse once recruitment dies off.

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