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Model Star is a financial modelling course that will show you how to build financial models from scratch. The course offers hands on approach that dives deep into the subject and leaves you with a clear sense and a comprehensive game plan.

Take control of your future and your business and get informed with the ins and outs of financial modelling. This course will show you how.

Never again will you be confused or blundering through your abstract presentation. You will have a sound mathematical model to show your clients or fellow co-workers the performance of their financial assets and portfolios.

What Is Model Star?

According to, was registered December 11, 2015, to Ivan Jennings from St. Gallen, Switzerland.

When looking over the site, you will notice that there are a few tabs of interest up at the top. The first tab clearly states “About Us.” When you click on that tab you are directed to a page that goes into some detail about Model Star.

What you find is a page that doesn't really explain who Model Star is or why you should trust them.

When you scroll down, the heading states “Our Locations” but never gives any exact destination or place. All you will find is that Model Star has an international team of consultants.

There is no business address, headquarters, phone number or any other means of contacting the company.

Now, you will also notice at the top a “Contact Us” tab. When you click on this tab it takes you to a generic contact page where you have to rely on the company contacting you back once you plug in your information.

Another thing that seems a bit off is the only name that shows ownership of the site. At the bottom of the home page, you are given a name Daniel Madson.

What is curious is the website registration is to Ivan Jennings, not Daniel Madson which begs the question of who actually runs the site?

Model Star Product

Model Star is basically an educational course that teaches you the fundamentals of financial modelling. The course is set at a discounted price of $99 and is sold through Clickbank.

For the $99 you will receive the eBooks “How Financial Models Add Value” as well as “Financial Model Checklists”. Also included are 100 video tutorials, 60 Excel files, a demo model and a short appraisal model.

Plus you will also gain access to the member’s area.

Model Star Opportunity

If you are an affiliate already signed up with Clickbank you can promote Model Star and earn $27.17 per sale.

You have to go through the Clickbank affiliate marketplace and look for Model Star in order to get your affiliate link to start promoting as the main site doesn't offer any information on the opportunity.

Model Star Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that pop up when looking at this site. First off, you will notice that there is no definitive name that is linked to this company. There is no place where the company tells you who they are.

You won't find any information about the CEO or anyone like that. All you are told is that they have an international team of consultants.

The second red flag is the fact that there are no details of who these so called consultants are. It could very well be someone created this course and is now selling it like they are an expert in the niche. However, there is no proof to back up their claim.

Granted, if you are interested in learning financial modelling this might be a good course for you to take. There is no proof either way that what they will teach is false. It could very well be true and very helpful.

The only way to know for sure is to sign up and see the course for yourself. If it isn't what you thought it would be, at least Clickbank offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all their products.

So, if this is a course you might be interested in, give Model Star a shot. If it doesn't live up to your expectations then get a refund.

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