Momentis and Momentis 2.0

Momentis has a lot going on.  It's a skincare company that uses multi-level marketing to promote its products, which also happen to include utilities, home security, gaming subscriptions, and last but not least…a payment system for businesses.

But it wasn't always this way.   The company has just launched Momentis 2.0, which should explain a lot of things.  We asked what's Momentis all about and where's it going?  Here's what we discovered.

The Company

The company is in what you'd call its adolescent phase: not a startup any more but not one of the old established hangers-on, either.  It got its start in 2010, when experienced leaders Andrew McWilliams and Mike Adams came together to seemingly provide de-regulated energy services to the public via a system of independent associates working within a network marketing structure.

For many years Momentis seems to have been synonymous with deregulated energy business opportunity.  Now it's Momentis 2.0, which is where the skincare line comes in.  Apparently the aging of the Baby Boomer generation is just too much for any MLM to resist, and marketing wrinkle creams to aging Boomers must have sounded a heck of a lot more lucrative than peddling utility switch-over plans to an American public that's finally pulled itself out of the recession.

You see, the initial launch of Momentis in 2010 found North America in the grips of the Great Recession.  People were very much interested in saving money on their utility bills back then (just five years go).

Now things are different: the sting of the 2008 stock market crash and bursting of the housing bubble are no longer fresh on everyone's minds.  Neither are those terrible events making such an impact on everyone's pocketbook.  So…out the window goes energy-saving consciousness.

No wonder Momentis has re-grouped and come up with the new anti-aging skincare line!  Let's take a look at the products.

The Products

They call their new product “M Rejuvenate”.  Launched on August 10, 2015, it comes in three forms:

  1. Day Serum
  2. Day Moisturizer
  3. Night Renewal

The M Rejuvenate super ingredient is Momentis's own formula, developed by Momentis people and marketed exclusively by Momentis independent distributors.  The products contain natural ingredients which also happen to be Paraben and Gluten free (are people meant to eat the stuff?).

As for science…there are supposedly some 60-day clinical results that show a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.  Skin apparently becomes firmer and more radiant after using the M Rejuvenate products.

Towards the bottom of the Momentis website it's mentioned in a section called “Momentis Services” that they also offer some energy and other home service products.  I'll say!  It's their entire 5-year history right there, still rolling along trying to gain an edge in the utilities, gaming, and other home services markets.

The Compensation Plan

Unfortunately, nowhere is there any mention of the Momentis 2.0 compensation plan on their website.  One must sign up with them to get that info.  And what's to drive anyone to do that?  After all, the original Momentis compensation plan for the energy division was rather convoluted (and has a lot of bad PR on the forums by the way).

The Verdict

It's nice that Momentis 2.0 has proprietary science behind its skincare line.  They've also announced that more is in the works: “Brain and Body” products are in the pipeline, and will complement the skincare line that was launched just this month.  It's disconcerting, however, that a company would not publish its compensation plan to would-be associates.  There just isn't much compelling content to go on for interested parties to overcome inertia and actually fill out a form to find out how to sell the products.  Make it easier!

The product info is brief, the compensation plan is hidden, and the former reputation of Momentis isn't exactly stellar.  Am I missing something here…is the Momentis 2.0 marketing department just hoping people will sign up, without actually being encouraged to do so?  It's skincare guys…you gotta be more competitive than that!

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