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As one of the premier hedge fund traders who has been recognized globally for his work, Mike Alkin is not one who showcases his wealth. In fact, most people would not know that he’s incredibly wealthy when looking at him. That said, Alkin’s unique approach to trading is enough to garner some serious respect and some serious cash. Moneyflow Trader is currently offering access to Alkin’s technique that provides him the opportunity to make in excess of 800% on individual trades.

Alkin has been working in trading for over twenty years. During the crash in 2008, Alkin was able to use his system to illicit profits when everyone else around him was crumbling. This system provided him the chance to make money on trades with the Pool Corporation, Tiffany & Co., US Steel, and Metalico Inc.

MoneyFlow Trader Product

The organizers of this service are quick to point out that Moneyflow might not be a viable system for everyone. It takes a certain amount of secrecy to be a part of the Moneyflow Trading approach. The organization alleges that Alkin has had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at dinners with heads of states and high-level executives but routinely declines these invitations on the basis that he wants his clients to maintain their anonymity. Moneyflow Trader offers exclusive access to those who are willing to pay for it and reinforces its claim that the group of people who belong to the organization are highly influential and powerful people.

Apparently, this works because they only allow a strict number of people into the organization. It stresses the fact that the participants will be in unfamiliar territory with regard to the types of trades it makes because of the risk associated. Moneyflow seeks individuals who are experienced within trading but who are prepared and willing to take chances.

The caveat to this exclusive system is that it’s only available for a short period of time. Alkin alleges that the market environment is going to be shifting soon, and in order for one to make the most profit possible, action is needed immediately.

Frank Curzio, acting on behalf of Alkins, references two predictions that Alkin made in 2017 that have come to fruition. Before becoming a part of Curzio’s team, Alkin claims that he was making hundreds of thousands of dollars at one of the biggest hedge funds in the country. Because of his experience there, Alkin developed an understanding of almost all areas of markets making him invaluable with regard to selecting trades.

In an attempt to reinforce its exclusivity, Alkin himself provides his own background information. He says that he didn’t graduate from college until he was almost thirty and that his undercover work in an attempt to understand for-profit educational institutions. He then took his research to the US Senate and Department of Education. Eventually, this action provided his hedge fund with a windfall and it allowed him to start his own firm.

MoneyFlow Trader Opportunity

The opportunity presented with Moneyflow Trader is apparently so amazing that participants who pay into it can make some serious money.  Alkin’s approach relies on trading explicitly with mid and large cap stocks including ETFs. Curzio stresses that in joining Moneyflow Trader, for every five chances an individual might be wrong, she/he will have hundreds of chances to be right. Apparently, that’s how Alkin has been able to make such astonishing sums of money in such a short amount of time.

Using a sixteen point system, new members have access to the system and Alkin will personally show how it can be used to evaluate any and all potential investments. The ratios that are used in this system can be used to determine the value of any stock on the market. Alkin’s strategy uses options to mitigate the risks associated with them because he only focuses on large companies. Moneyflow trader provides this system to its clients using something called a long-dated put option, which means that anyone investing in the stock is doing so under the pretense that it will fail. New members are givens step by step instructions on how to best make market assessments and being utilizing this put option in their own investments.

MoneyFlow Trader Verdict

Moneyflow Trader’s curator, Frank Curzio throws around a lot of really big numbers in his attempts to entice new members into this exclusive club. It sounds like it’s too good to be true because no matter one’s approach to investment, there’s no real way that it’s possible to make this kind of money on a consistent basis. Claiming that Alkin uses a checklist that includes one hundred and eighty-four questions that he evaluates before purchasing a stock or beginning a trade seems ludicrous, even for the most well vested and knowledgeable among us.

Though it shouldn’t come as a surprise, Curzio doesn’t pony up on the cost of joining this exclusive club until the very end of his spiel. Why would he? After throwing around such huge numbers during his tirade, five thousand bucks seems like a really small amount of money for such a huge potential return. But wait, there’s more! Ever the salesman, Curzio cuts the price by two grand, bringing the new club price to just three thousand. Seems like such a small amount of money for such an exclusive club that promises its clients the possibility to make so much money.

Bottom line is that this seems like any other scheme. You pay in your money, they pretend to give you ways to make more, always holding something back, always trying to find a way to get more money. It’s likely that Alkin really has made the kind of money he claims. And he probably does deal with an exclusive group of traders who, like him, follow a set system of protocol when evaluating stocks and trades. The difference is that Alkin stands to gain nothing by sharing his trade secrets, least of all for only three thousand measly dollars.

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