moscow millionaire

Moscow Millionaire is an automated Forex trading algorithm that is available free-to-use in order to create massive wealth for the user – or at least that’s what the company website says. The truth is, of course, much different – as we’ll reveal below.

What Is Moscow Millionaire?

Moscow Millionaire is allegedly the creation of Dimitry Artemovich, a Russian genius Forex trader that has made millions developing and perfecting his own auto-trader bot. However, there is no “Dimitry Artemovich,” as the individual depicted in the company’s promotional videos is just a paid actor sourced from Fiverr, a popular resource for video testimonials of this nature.

So who does run Moscow Millionaire? Your guess is as good as ours. The website was registered anonymously, so there’s no help there. We’re not surprised, as it’s typical of auto trader bot websites to not reveal their identity.

Moscow Millionaire Product

Put in simplest terms, Moscow Millionaire is a free auto-trader bot that will supposedly provide you with incredibly accurate predictions when it comes to the Forex markets. The product itself is being offered at no charge out of the supposed goodness of Dimitry Artemovich’s heart.

Moscow Millionaire Opportunity

If Artemovich is to believed, Moscow Millionaire can make you thousands of dollars a day in automated income, as long as you provide a small amount of money to power your investments through a “trusted” online broker partner. This is, of course, completely inaccurate and misrepresentative, as described fully below.

Moscow Millionaire Verdict

Moscow Millionaire is not an auto-trader bot. Well, it is, but the bot doesn’t work – it’s just a gimmick. What Moscow Millionaire is doing is simply acting as a recruitment funnel for whatever “trusted broker partner” it’s allied with.

Online brokers often offer referral bonuses for anyone who provides them with new investors. These investors need to deposit a certain amount of money – usually around $250 – in order to trigger the referral bonus. Moscow Millionaire is simply spinning a tall tale to encourage would-be investors to sign up for one of these online brokers; in doing so, Moscow Millionaire receives a referral bonus. That’s why access to this “incredibly advanced algorithm” is free.

Sadly, this is a common online scam right now; whether it’s binary options trading, Forex investments, or even cryptocurrency exchange trades, so-called “free auto-trader bot” schemes are absolutely everywhere. Like every other one of these scammers operating out there right now, Moscow Millionaire doesn’t care that its trading bot is bogus. All it needs is to convince you to sign up and deposit cash into your investor account – this ensures that it gets paid. Once that happens, it has no more use for you.

We know this is true because Moscow Millionaire exhibits all the telltale signs of this scam. We’ve got a fake company with a fake founder courtesy of Fiverr, providing fake testimonials from the same source, offering a fake service to entice you to sign up with an unlicensed fly-by-night broker, so it can separate you from your money as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t fall for it – you’re smarter than that.

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