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Free up your cable bill and start using the Mr. Movie Time Box. You will be able to watch all your favorite shows, new releases and even listen to music. With Mr. Movie Time you will no longer have to pay the cost of movie rentals, theater or music. You will get it instantly right in your own home.

What is Mr. Movie Time?

Mr. Movie Time was first created back in July of 2016. The website is registered to Douglas Saferite in North Dakota. While there is no indication of who is actually running the site, it does have two main offices located in California and North Dakota.

It is safe to say however that Mr. Douglas Saferite does have a bit of history with HYIP schemes that go back to 2005. Mr. Saferite was credited for The Mobius Loop in 2012 which is now a $10 recruitment scam. But that is neither here nor there. What is known is that Mr. Movie Time is bringing loads of entertainment right to your living room with no monthly fees.

The Product

Mr. Movie Time is basically a box that is preloaded and ready to run for you. All you need is Wi-Fi, an HDTV and you are good to go. The box costs $219 that will give you access to HBO, Netflix, Showtime, and that doesn't include newly released movies which are easy to watch as well.

The Opportunity

The company does provide you with the opportunity to make extra cash distributing the Mr. Movie Time Streaming Box. As an affiliate, you will get $50 for every box you sell. Plus you will be able to build your downline and earn a residual income of $25 per box for the first level, and $10 per box on your second level.

Mr. Movie Time Summary Review

So, you pay $219 for a streaming box and get unlimited movies? Sounds pretty great right? Wrong! The box is programmed for you to get “pirated” movies. You know that big red or blue notice from the government before every DVD you watch stating how bad piracy is. Well, that is exactly what this box does. It is a streaming tool for you to snag movies and become subject to fines and imprisonment should be caught downloading illegal content.

So how does Mr. Movie Time get away with selling these boxes? On their site, they claim that they sell boxes and what their customers do with them is on the customer's head, not theirs. So they know what they are doing is wrong, but they aren't the ones downloading the content, you are.

Another thing that should make you run away from this site is that the Terms and Conditions state that the agreement is in accordance with Texas. Now where did Texas come from if the site is registered in California and North Dakota?

Now look at the compensation plan. You are legally selling something to someone. But what that legal device does is download and stream illegal content. The price for the box is far too high. If you wanted you could find the same device on EBay or Amazon for half the price. But Mr. Movie Time is hoping you don't do your homework and buy from them.

Why? So they can make the most profit. So even just selling the boxes isnít worth your time. You would be better off finding the same device and re-selling it on other sites than to go with Mr. Movie Time.

Mr. Movie Time may seem like a great way to save a bit of money. After all, it costs $12 per person just to go to the movies. Then there is the expense of popcorn and snacks. By the time it is all said and done you have spent almost $50 for the movies. And if you see a new movie every month, you could justify buying a streaming box at $219 and not have to deal with any of that anymore. But you have to realize that downloading or streaming newly released movies is piracy and you can get fined $500,000 and even spend time in prison. Weigh the odds before jumping at the opportunity to watch movies and television shows without paying for cable.

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