multi stream funnel

Multi Stream Funnel is an internet marketing lead generation platform that comes with an attached affiliate recruitment scheme.

What Is Multi Stream Funnel?

There's nothing on the Multi Stream Funnel website that reveals who owns the site or program. However, checking the website's registration reveals that it's owned by a Ryan Carlson of Reno, Nevada. The address listed is a residential one.

Carlson has been involved in other internet marketing companies in the past, though his home state is sometimes listed as neighboring Utah and not Nevada. He's been an affiliate for TVC Matrix and Speed Feeder, the first being a recruitment scheme and the other a matrix cycler.

Multi Stream Funnel Product

Multi Stream Funnel technically does have a product in the form of a lead generation platform, but truthfully there's no indications that the platform works.

In essence it's an add-on to the affiliate marketing scheme in order to prevent it from being labeled a scam; as it's not available to sell as a retail product but instead just a perk of enrolling in the affiliate recruitment scheme, it truly doesn't bear delving into.

Multi Stream Funnel Opportunity

Becoming a member of Multi Stream Funnel costs $20 a month. Recruiting others to the program earns affiliates a $1 commission.

The system also offers residual commissions as well, using a “1-up” unilevel model; this involves passing up the second recruitment commission earned to your direct recruiter.

Commissions are paid out monthly at a flat rate of $20 and will continue as long as your first-level affiliates continuously pay their monthly fee.

Affiliates who stop paying their monthly $20 membership fee no longer receive their commissions. Instead, these $20 commissions migrate through their upline to the first affiliate who is still paying their monthly fees.

Multi Stream Funnel Verdict

Multi Stream Funnel is, essentially, nothing more than a cash gifting scheme with a pyramid recruitment scheme thrown in, plus some odds and ends thrown in to obfuscate reality and muddy the waters.

The core activity for members of Multi Stream Funnel is to recruit new affiliates so you can continue to earn $20 monthly commissions. Where does this monthly $20 come from?

Well considering how the “marketing lead generation platform” is included free with membership and Multi Stream Funnel doesn't actually sell any products, the only place those monthly payments come from are other affiliates.

These $20 monthly payments simply flow upwards, from the lowest affiliate on the totem pole to the person at the top.

You're essentially just losing $20 every month unless you recruit at least one person, who then in turn loses that $20 unless they find someone to recruit for themselves.

It's true that you will receive a direct commission of $1 for every individual you recruit, but that's hardly going to make a major difference. Getting $21 versus $20 isn't a significant gain, and it isn't going to make you rich.

In fact, the only person who's really going to benefit is Carlson, who's at the top of the chain. He doesn't have to pass up any of those $20 commissions, does he?

Instead he just pays out a few $1 payments here and there and collects the majority of the payments that pass up the line.

Meanwhile, once recruitment dies off with Multi Stream Funnel – something that is inevitable, as eventually the number of people in the world who want to become involved in such a scam dwindles to zero – the entire process grinds to a halt.

The affiliate at the bottom of the chain, the one who can't find anyone to recruit for love or money, decides to stop paying their $20 membership fee.

After they drop out of the program, their sponsor becomes the last link in the chain, faced with the reality that they have to replace a recruit in order to keep earning those $20 commissions themselves.

Eventually the pressure becomes too much to bear and the whole structure collapses. Carlson walks away with all the money he's collected and you're left holding the bag. That's how these cash gifting schemes work, so don't fall for it this time.

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