My 1 Dollar Business is an affiliate site that is also linked with other companies like roadside assistance, a 24-hour shopping concierge, travel program and more. While the companies and shopping that is listed to members of My 1 Dollar Business, none of the programs are directly linked to the business model itself.

What is My 1 Dollar Business?

My 1 Dollar Business was registered September 2016 to Mr. Steve Gresham from Athens, Georgia. Mr. Gresham started his online career as the founder of Savings Highway back in 2012. However, Savings Highway lost momentum which prompted Mr. Gresham to begin a new site with new possibilities. Hence, My 1 Dollar Business was born.

The Product

The site doesn't offer any real products. You can purchase items from third-party sellers like the roadside assistance, family legal advice, and many others in the marketplace. However, My 1 Dollar Business doesn't have its name on any products so to speak of. The only thing a member can do is promote the membership of the site and build their downline.

The Opportunity

My 1 Dollar Business is basically a membership plan that allows you to recruit other people to sign up under you. The benefits of being a member are to get access to the “shopping” area where the third party products are sold.

The cost to becoming a member is $1 per month but the system is set up as a 2×10 matrix. Now depending on how much money you put into the system determines what matrix you will be placed in. There are four levels or phases of My 1 Dollar Business you can join.

In the first level or phase, the price to join is $10 a month. You will then receive $2.50 for people you recruit personally and $0.50 for random members being placed in your downline.

The second phase will cost $20 per month and you are required to have at least 10 people in your downline to qualify. You will earn $4 per recruit that you have signed up personally and $1 for every person who is randomly placed in your downline.

The third level is $50 per month and you are required to maintain 20 affiliates. You will then gain $10 for every person you recruit and $2.50 for the random individuals placed in your line.

Finally, the fourth level will cost $100 a month. It is imperative that you have at least 50 recruits in your downline to make this level. You will earn $20 per recruit and $5 for random people being placed in your line.

If however you just stick with the beginner stage and pay the $1 a month, you will earn $0.20 per each person you recruit. But the only way to make more money is by getting into a higher level. On a side note, though, even if you qualify for a higher level or phase there is no guarantee you will earn anything unless you can get other people to pay the same amount to be placed in your category. The idea is to keep recruiting so the money continues to flow in.

The Verdict

There really isn't much to say about My 1 Dollar Business. The fact that you only earn $0.20 per person you sign up isn't worth your time. Plus when you go into the shopping area and see all the third party products for sale, you would think you could get some cut if your recruit purchases anything. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

No matter how many people buy something from the marketplace, you won't see any extra money coming your way. The system is set up to where only Mr. Gresham makes a profit while you do all the hard work to get people into the program.

Like Mr. Gresham's other site Savings Highway, My 1 Dollar Business is based on how many people you recruit and build your downline. Granted the site does mention how you can earn a free trip that is worth $1000+ but you have to recruit more than 100 people and have the highest ranking in the matrix system.

When it boils down to the logistics of the site, there really isn't that much to it. The site doesn't give anyone any incentive to push the membership button. The only thing it does have going for it is the price. You sign up and pay $1 a month which isn't anything to fuss about. This is why a lot of members may have forgotten about their account and went to find greener fields

Because there really is nothing here, you shouldn't waste your time signing up. Maybe if the site allowed you to earn commissions from items sold in the marketplace it would be a different story. As of now, though, it just isn't worth it. Even if you get into all the different phases of the matrix, no one wins except for Mr. Gresham who takes home most of the profit from all your recruits.

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