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My Club 8 is an affiliate marketing company that focuses on health products made with cannabinoid oil (CBD oil) sourced from hemp. The company is currently accepting prelaunch memberships.

What Is My Club 8?

My Club 8 is a new division of Laguna Blends, a Canadian-based company that bills themselves as engaging in product development, sales, marketing and distribution for hemp-based products and solutions.

The company CEO and President is listed as Ray Grimm Jr., a veteran MLM and affiliate marketer that has been involved in running several companies in the past. Many of these companies have sold health supplements as part of their product lines.

Grimm has a checkered past.

While he has been enormously successful, having a well-publicized palatial estate that he rents out for location film shoots and an impressive collection of Lamborghinis, the companies he's been involved with in the past have run afoul of many government regulators.

One of the companies he helped found, a health product retailer known as Carlsbad’s USA Inc., has been criticized by both the Food and Drug Administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission for many different irregularities, regulatory breaches, and shady practices.

My Club 8 Product

My Club 8 is billed as the “online retail marketplace” for Laguna Blends, but the only thing the site sells is memberships in My Club 8.

Purchasing a membership entitles a member to receive two bottles of the company's “Nano Drops” product, a CBD oil supplement designed to be added to drinks in order to gain “the Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant,  [and] Neuroprotective benefits of Hemp CBD.”

Membership costs $39.95, plus shipping. Members can also sign up for a $99 monthly autoship option to keep receiving Nano Drops regularly.

As My Club 8 is still in prelaunch, prospective members can “lock in” an affiliate position by paying the $34.95 price.

My Club 8 Opportunity

Becoming a My Club 8 Member entitles you to join their affiliate program, where you can market memberships in the program to others for a commission.

“Locking in” you affiliate position places a member at the top of a five-tier deep unilevel compensation scheme. Members can earn 2.5% on affiliate membership fees paid through recruitment efforts.

The more you recruit as a My Club 8 member, the deeper your compensation scheme becomes.

After recruiting 6 affiliates, you can receive commissions 20 levels deep; 11 recruits enables earnings on 50 unilevel teams; 16 nets 75 unilevel teams, and 21 yields earnings on 100 unilevel teams.

Members can also gain shares to up to five “bonus pools,” which are each made up of $5 from each affiliate membership fee paid.  The more affiliates you recruit, your shares of these five pools increase.

Signing up for a $99 autoship also provides additional shares in these bonus pools.

Please note that this compensation scheme is just for the My Club 8 prelaunch. Once the company gets off the ground, this scheme will be replaced with a new 8-level compensation scheme. The details of this scheme have yet to be publicized.

My Club 8 Verdict

Right now, My Club 8 is pushing hard in a membership drive that encourages you to recruit heavily in order to make a few bucks on the side, all the while enjoying Laguna Blends' “miraculous” Nano Drops product.

In essence, it's little more than a pyramid scheme with a bonus gift as a fig leaf.

Whether or not the Nano Drops product works is largely irrelevant, as the primary driver behind My Club 8 is offering an MLM money making opportunity that is completely dependent on unceasing, ever-inflating membership recruitment.

When recruitment stops, the opportunity to make money disappears, as there's no product line to market to customers without also marketing the membership opportunity as well.

Will this change once My Club 8 goes live? Possibly. But with the company's President and CEO having such a checkered, borderline criminal past, it seems unwise to become involved in such an endeavor.

This company might end up running afoul of the law, just as Grimm's other companies have already done so.

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