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My Daily Cash Machine – abbreviated to MDCM for brevity’s sake – bills itself as a “revenue sharing” online advertising platform. However, the truth is that it’s little more than a sub-par high-yield investment program (HYIP) that uses the purchases of “advertising packs” as a blind for its schemes.

What Is My Daily Cash Machine?

MDCM claims to be owned by a UK-based company known as UK Direct Host. The official registrant is listed as Shane Brewer, a name that coincides with one of the four admins for MDCM’s Facebook page.

Other names listed on the MDCM Facebook page as admins include William G. Bryant, a notorious MLM scammer for his involvement in Traffic Monsoon, a “rev share” scam that was actually shuttered by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Bryant was issued a subpoena in the Traffic Monsoon case and famously responded with a nonsensical open letter that criticized the SEC for shutting down scam sites like Traffic Monsoon, claiming that doing so robbed individuals of being able to make a living.

While we know nothing about Shane Brewer or the other names that appear as admins on the MDCM Facebook page, the fact that Bryant is involved in this company on any level is a major red flag and is already enough of a reason to avoid MDCM like the plague.

My Daily Cash Machine Product

MDCM claims that it sells $35 ad packs that provide a 120% ROI. The truth is that nobody purchases these “ad packs” to advertise their own goods and services – they’re simply using it as an HYIP.

In order to be eligible for receiving your ROI, MDCM claims that you must click at least 15 of the ads posted on its website throughout a 24-hour period. This is supposedly to generate pay-per-click revenue for MDCM from its advertisers; this revenue then gets shared between everyone participating in the program.

My Daily Cash Machine Opportunity

MDCM’s only offering is the 120% ROI earning opportunity on its $35 ad packs. There’s no referral program or anything else on offer here. There may be a limited opportunity in regards to so-called “traffic exchange” if you actually use the site for its supposedly intended purpose, but this opportunity is so situational as to not be worth mentioning.

My Daily Cash Machine Verdict

MDCM is, through-and-through, a bad idea. Not only is the ownership highly non-transparent, the company is openly associating with a known scammer that’s been issued a subpoena by the SEC in the past.

There’s also nothing legitimate about the rest of the MDCM site either. The “testimonials” the company posts on its site use fake names and stock images ripped from photo sites like Shutterstock, calling into question the legitimacy of these glowing reviews.

It’s fairly obvious that getting involved in this HYIP is not going to earn you much of anything besides a major headache from mindlessly clicking on website ads all day to ensure you remain eligible for your “massive” ROI. In the end, you’ll be out $35 and you’ll need a new mouse from all that excessive clicking.

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