my online dream biz

My Online Dream Biz is a “copy and paste” internet entrepreneur opportunity that provides access to supposedly proven methods of marketing goods and services over the internet. My Online Dream Biz claims to have the potential to earn between $3000 and $6000 a month at first, but can be scaled up to provide income of between $3000 and $6000 a day.

What Is My Online Dream Biz?

My Online Dream Biz is a product of an internet marketer named Jason Moore, from Austin Texas. Moore claims he had been working as a pharmacist but wanted to find a better way to make money, which prompted him to dive into the world of internet marketing.

We haven’t been able to find any information leading us to believe that Jason Moore isn’t anyone he says he is. The name is a common one, as there are dozens with that name living in that region. Additionally, the site’s registration is anonymous.

In other words, we have to simply take Moore’s claims as far as his identity at face value in the absence of any evidence either way.

My Online Dream Biz Product

Moore’s product is a so-called copy-and-paste internet marketing system, designed and tested by him, that has supposedly generated consistent average sales of around $7000 a day.

The product itself, according to Moore’s website, includes access to 5 “proven” income streams for making money on the internet. Additional services include a series of training videos, checklists for each of the 5 income streams, free monthly video updates for life, posted to a members-only website, and “Platinum Rewards Card” with $250 worth of discounts and coupons.

Total cost of this program is $99 – or $79 if you attempt to leave the page and accept the final downsell discount. Moore offers a 60-day money back guarantee on My Online Dream Biz.

My Online Dream Biz Opportunity

Moore claims that the opportunity is clear in purchasing My Online Dream Biz – that working the system for around 45 minutes a day can result in up to $6000 a month in initial income. This can eventually be grown to as much as $6000 a day, according to him.

My Online Dream Biz Verdict

My Online Dream Biz is long on promises and promotional fluff but kind of short on details. Moore’s promises are great and everything, but it would be easier to decide whether My Online Dream Biz has any merit if he would simply go into more detail regarding what his 5 “proven income streams” actually are. Is he engaging in affiliate marketing? Direct sales? MLM recruitment? Is he selling used underwear on Craigslist? We just don’t know – and since he won’t tell us, it makes it exceedingly difficult to evaluate his opportunity.

Still, at less than $100 for a supposedly foolproof pathway to making thousands of dollars a month – or a day – and with a 60-day refund guarantee in place, there doesn’t seem to be much harm in examining My Online Dream Biz to see if it’s worth your time.

However, please be aware that there could be plenty of hidden costs associated with this program. We can’t tell if there are any upsells associated with Moore’s program, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. If there are, it’s likely that the product refund guarantee does not cover any of these additional costs, so tread carefully if you do decide to give My Online Dream Biz a try.

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