neuro trader

Neuro Trader is supposedly a super-advanced “artificial intelligence” binary options auto-trader software program that boasts 100% accuracy rates.

What Is Neuro Trader?

Neuro Trader is a product of Intellix Systems Ltd., a company founded by former Wall Street hedge fund manager Jeff Blumenthal. The site was registered in November of 2016 through the use of a private domain name registration service.

There is no further information about Intellix Systems regarding its physical location. The only other data available on the company website is to name its analytics programming head, Professor Martin Schelling, and its head of customer relations, Crystal De Veere.

Neuro Trader Product

There are two versions of the Neuro Trader software – a version that is free to use, which offers unlimited trades, fully realized auto trading features, and 24/7 live support.

A paid version of the software includes the above features and adds a 1-on-1 webinar with an Intellix Systems staff member for a one-time fee of $149.99.

Neuro Trader is so accurate, according to Intellix Systems, that it can generate over $10,000 a day in profit. While accessing the software is free, individuals will need to deposit their own funds into a broker account in order to provide capital for Neuro Trader to make trades on their behalf.

Neuro Trader Opportunity

In addition to the opportunity to make “thousands of dollars a day,” Intellix Systems has an affiliate program for individuals interested in marketing Neuro Trader over the internet. The affiliate campaign, which launches on January 30th, 2017, is being managed through ClickSure.

Additional details of the affiliate program, including commission rates, are unavailable at this time. These details may be made available after the affiliate launch date of January 30th.

Neuro Trader Verdict

We've said it time and again: any binary options auto-trader bot that is claiming 100% accuracy in its trades is claiming the impossible.

There is no auto-trader bot on the market currently that will ever be completely infallible. The binary options market is simply too volatile and has far too many variables affecting price and performance for a 100% accurate auto trader bot.

Intellix Systems' claims are completely urealistic when it comes to its Neuro Trader software and are not to be trusted.

In the incredibly unlikely event that you don't believe us, we can point to other serious red flags when it comes to Intellix Systems. First and foremost, the identities of their entire executive staff listed on their website are fabricated.

Their names turn up nothing in even the most rudimentary of internet searches. However, the profile pictures do – in databases for stock image photos or from social media profiles, obviously stolen and repurposed to put a real face with a fake name.

The people who supposedly run Intellix don't exist. Instead, the real owners of the company are hidden behind layers of deceit and falsehood, and are protected by a private domain name registration service.

A company that falsely represents itself has something to hide – and in this case, we're certain that Intellix is hiding the fact that its Neuro Trader product is worthless and that the entire operation is just another binary options scam.

Don't get involved in Neuro Trader at any level. Taking them up on their “free” service will likely see you depositing funds into a disreputable broker that will keep your money and not give it back.

Likewise, buying a “one-on-one webinar” for $150 is going to be an even bigger waste of money, as there's no indication that such a webinar will have any value whatsoever.

Furthermore, once Neuro Trader opens up its affiliate program, we can't recommend involvement in that either.

Marketing an obvious scam is an excellent way to ruin your reputation as an internet marketer, which will make it exceedingly hard to earn a living from your subsequent projects if everyone knows you were selling worthless binary option auto-trader software programs just a few months ago.

Protect yourself and your reputation – don't go anywhere near Neuro Trader.

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