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Next Car Finder is a website that helps you get dealers competing for your business. Find out how the site works – and if it works – today in our review.

What is Next Car Finder?

Next Car Finder, found online at, is a website that wants to help you save money on your next vehicle purchase.

The website is based on the concept that when dealers compete for your business, you’ll get a cheaper price on your vehicle. Next Car Finder claims to be a quick, easy, and free way to get multiple price quotes on a vehicle.

How Does Next Car Finder Work?

Next Car Finder has a simple online entry form. You just choose your vehicle preferences (including make and model) along with your zip code.

Then, you browse through a selection of available offers from local dealers. You can directly apply for quotes from your selected dealer, then compare quotes against other dealers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Many popular makes and models are available through the website. At the time of writing, the most popular vehicle searches include the Honda Accord, Subaru Outback, Nissan Altima, Mazda CX-5, Toyota Camry, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What’s the Catch?

Obviously, Next Car Finder sounds like a pretty good deal. But you didn’t come to this review to read exactly what’s posted on the website. You came here to discover what the catch is behind this site.

How does a website like Next Car Finder make money? Can you actually trust the site with your sensitive information?

Here are some of the things you need to know about Next Car Finder and how they make money:

When you click through the online form, you’ll be prompted with various offers to repair your credit, finance your loan, or work with third party loan consolidation companies.

Next Car Finder is very upfront about this: you have to check a box on the entry form to confirm your consent. You’ll also get to see exactly which company is receiving your contact information.

For example, the current online entry form has an offer for “help with my personal and family budgeting”, which typically means loan consolidation or similar services. If you check that box, you agree to be contacted by a company named Better Family Financing.

Essentially, Next Car Finder is selling your contact information to Better Family Financing as a lead.

The second checkbox is for a credit repair professional. If you need help repairing your credit or improving your credit score, then these professionals can help you do exactly that (for a big fee).

In this case, you consent to be contacted by Lexington Law Firm. Next Car Finder even explains how you’ll be contacted: you can be contacted by a live agent, artificial or prerecorded voice, or SMS text.

When you enter your information into the online entry form, you’re also agreeing to one more condition.

You agree that Next Car Finder and “its affiliates” can contact you “regarding its programs and offers via email or telephone using automated technology to any telephone number I provide and understand this is not a condition of purchase”

-In other words, the moment you enter your phone number through that online entry form, Next Car Finder has the right to “share” (i.e. sell) that phone number to “its affiliates” (any company that does business with Next Car Finder).

You’re also agreeing to be contacted by email or telephone, either by a real person or an automated voice.

Essentially, Next Car Finder makes its money by selling leads. As an interested car buyer, you’re considered a “lead”.

When you enter your information into the online entry form, you’re giving it to Next Car Finder, who can then share it with various affiliates and partners – like people who want to sell you a vehicle.

About Next Car Finder

One of the weird things about Next Car Finder is that there’s virtually no information about the company available online through the official website. Even the “Privacy Policy” link is broken. We know literally nothing about Next Car Finder.

A WHOIS search doesn’t reveal much more data about Next Car Finder. The domain was registered in June 2014 and last updated on November 2, 2016. The website owner’s identity is protected by their domain registrar.

Aside from this basic information, all we really know about Next Car Finder is that they’re affiliated with Lexington Law Firm and Better Family Financing.

Lexington Law Firm is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based law firm specializing in credit repair, while Better Family Financing appears to be affiliated with a California-based lender found at

Next Car Finder Review Summary

Next Car Finder doesn’t appear to offer much benefit over other car comparison tools. In fact, the website appears to primarily be a portal to push you towards credit repair or loan consolidation services.

The company offers little information about itself. When you’re giving up personal information on the internet, you expect more transparency from the website.

The website doesn’t even use HTTPS encryption – which means your information is not protected during transfer.

For all of these reasons, Next Car Finder does not appear to be a reputable way to compare dealer prices in your local area.

We just don’t know enough about how the website works, or what it’s doing with your information.

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