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The Nova-X Report explains why Marijuana is the next leading stock to get into. The Report goes into complete detail of what is happening with different holdings like Vape and Digital Development Group. It also states why you need the information in the report to expand your portfolio. Within the report, you will gain insider information to which stocks to jump in on.


What is Nova-X?

The Nova-X Report is exclusive to Money Map Press LLC. The Report, as well as the bonus material, was created by Michael Robinson.

A little bit about Money Map Press LLC. Money Map Press or MMP is a financial advisory newsletter. There are some major customer services issues with this company.

Many consumers have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau with little to no results. You will also find several different complaints filed with “Ripoff Report” all stating that there are hidden fees within the company and the services they provide.

Granted, Nova-X is too new to have such issues come up, but it is possible that this report/ newsletter subscription may have you floating in the same boat.

The Product

As for the product, Nova-X is a free report that is emailed to you once you sign up for a one-year membership. The membership comes in two packages.

You can pick “The Gold Package” at $79 a year. Within this package, you will receive a 2-year upgrade, 3 bonus reports and 60-day money back guarantee.

The “Silver Package” is $39 and you will receive 5 reports to help you make the best choices as to which investments to get into. With this package, you will also receive a 60-day money back guarantee.

As for what you will get when signing up. There is the 12-month Nova-X newsletter. Within the newsletter, you will get insider information with 24 investment recommendations. You will also get the weekly report and access to Nova-X HQ. But that's not all. If you decide to sign up and claim your membership you will get the Marijuana roadmap to making millions, plus the investor’s blueprint and much more.

Final thoughts about Nova-X

So, Nova-X is basically a newsletter that costs $39 -$79 per year. Okay, that's great. But the information is outdated and only works to benefit MMP. That is what the site doesn't tell mention.

The advice within the newsletter and reports are all hyped up to make it seem like there is something big going on. But the truth is, the company is blowing these stocks up so they can earn the most from them.

When reviewing the site, there are a few things that give it away as being high-risk investments. First, you will notice the ticking clock. That is when the sales page mentions how there are only a certain amount of spaces left to get in on the deal. Sorry, but if you come back tomorrow or the next day, that number isn't going to change.

Next, you will notice that the sales page wants you to get in on this before November. What is so important about that month? Well, it could be that voting is done during that month. And everyone is expecting to see a slot to vote if Marijuana will become legal in all 50 states.

Even if it does become legal, there are no companies out there right now that have anything to do with the stock market. What you will see is the sales page focuses on the Vape industry which is rising due to all the cigarette bans going on. Again, nothing to do with Marijuana.

What is really interesting is the “real-time” trade alerts. These alerts are basically informing you what the company has sold before telling you and causing you to lose money. This is how they fool you into thinking they care. They will give you alerts after the fact. But what they don't say is that you would have to be tuned into your computer 24/7 so that you don't miss the alerts. The membership doesn't have an app that notifies you immediately.

You only get to read it after the fact.

Now if you look deeper into the company itself, despite all the negative reviews, you will see at its core is Money Morning. Again, another site that is forcing you to fork over cash in a membership form to get all the juicy details of what the stocks are doing. If you want to save money, all you have to do is look at them yourself. Sure, it will take time, but at least the money you saved by not subscribing can be used to invest later.

There are just far too many things wrong, not only on the sales page but the companies themselves that make this a high-risk investment. Do yourself a favor and get advice from someone else. Even banks offer financial advice through personal bankers. There is no reason to put yourself through the mess of getting a refund when you discover that Nova-X isn't all it’s cracked up to be.

Steer clear at all costs. Even if “professional financial advisors” offer a money back warranty you may not see it. You would be better off trading on your own than to fall for outdated information. Again, Nova-X is all about building hype around stocks they have already invested in. Then when enough members have bought into it, they sell it high leaving you with a decaying stock that isn't worth the paper the newsletter was written on.

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