nspire network

NSpire Network (Nspire) is a direct sales company specializing in nutritional supplements and feminine hygiene products.

What Is NSpire Network?

NSpire Network was founded by JJ Javier, a major direct sales entrepreneur from the Philippines, and Spencer W. Iverson, a high-profile American lawyer and former major professional sports player agent. NSpire is a subsidiary of BreakRoad35 International, which was also founded by Javier.

NSpire, according to the website, is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The contact phone number, however, is for BreakRoad35's Philippine offices. The site itself is registered to Iverson at an Atlanta address.

The Product

NSpire offers several different products for sale.

These include a range of nutritional supplements designed and formulated with the input of urologists and OB/GYNs such as testosterone boosters, prostate health support, and libido enhancers for men, memory boosters for both men and women, and libido enhancers for women.

NSpire also offers a revolutionary approach to women's sanitary napkins, offering high-quality pads manufactured in an environmentally-responsible manner and incorporating safer, more  non-toxic materials.

Currently all prices for NSpire products are listed in Philippine Pesos (PHP). An 8-pack of NSpire's “Cherish” sanitary napkins is 250 PHP – approximately $5 USD; a single bottle of NSpire's various supplements are around 4,000 PHP (around $80 USD).

NSpire offers a 10% discount on its nutritional supplements if you choose a 12-month auto-ship option.

The Opportunity

As a direct sales company, NSpire has an affiliate marketing opportunity for anyone interested in selling NSpire products.

However, at this time there's no information regarding the details of the opportunity – in fact, enrollment in NSpire as a distributor is currently closed, with the website stating that it should be open “soon.”

We took a look at BreakRoad35's compensation plan, as it is likely to be similar to NSpire's given their close relationship.

BR35 offers anywhere between 20% and 50% commission rates on retailing products, as well as several different bonus opportunities that rely on the performance of individuals directly recruited by affiliates or further down the line.

Again, be aware that this is not NSpire's compensation plan, merely an example of what they could be based on its parent company.

NSpire Network Verdict

An affiliate marketing company that has a solid product line in place is always a welcome sight. While there's no way of knowing how effective the products are, the sale of nutritional supplements is a perennially popular endeavor, especially in a direct sales context.

This is good news for anyone interested in eventually becoming a distributor for NSpire when it opens its affiliate membership program to the public.

NSpire's focus on women's reproductive health is likewise pleasing to see. The company has gone all-in in its promotion of its sanitary pad, touting its more environmentally sustainable production methods and the use of safer, more non-toxic materials in the sanitary pads themselves.

It's excellent to see such an earnest effort being made by any company to be more socially-conscious when it comes to women's issues; it's likely to make NSpire a popular choice among female affiliate marketers.

The only thing that's not a positive in NSpire's column is that at this moment the company seems to be poised to do business exclusively in the Philippines, based on the fact that the prices for all its products are in PHP and not USD.

This limits the reach of the company to within the country's borders. However, this may change in the future, especially once the company unveils its affiliate marketing opportunity to the world.

This looks to be happening sometime in the very near future, judging from the state of the NSpire website.

Right now, there's not much to do besides adopt a wait-and-see approach with NSpire. Even if you live in the Philippines, you can't enroll in the company's affiliate program, though you can ostensibly purchase some of its products.

We're fairly confident that if NSpire does go global, it will be at least moderately successful based on its product line – especially its revolutionary sanitary pad product.

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