Nuverus Review

Nuverus is a multilevel marketing company headquartered in Irvine, Texas that specializes in energy drinks and nutritional beverages. Find out how Nuverus works and whether or not you should join the company or buy its products today in our Nuverus review.

What is Nuverus?

Nuverus is a multilevel marketing company that focuses on selling energy drinks and nutritional beverages. The company was founded by a guy name Michael Jareou, who grew up in Iraq until age 17.

Prior to launching Nuverus, Jareou was famous for creating the “As Seen On TV” retail stores. He also launched the Digital Security Network, which reportedly made him a multimillionaire at the tender age of 26.

Today, Jareou runs Nuverus as the CEO. There are also 9 other people on the Nuverus advisory board. Nuverus describes its management team as “comprised of international business leaders and marketing specialists.”

More importantly, Nuverus also has a medical advisory board that consists of Dr. Drew Georgeson and Dr. Julian E. Bailes. Dr. Georgeson specializes in anti-aging and is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Bailes, on the other hand, is a “nationally recognized leader in neurosurgery” according to his profile on

What Does Nuverus Sell?

Instead of selling dozens of different nutritional products and beverages, Nuverus focuses on selling a smaller number of high-quality products. Currently, the company sells four different products, including:

Nuverus Plus

Nuverus Plus is the company’s flagship product. It’s a superfood beverage that contains huge levels of antioxidants designed to cleanse free radicals from the body while giving you nearly your full recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables in just a single serving.

Specific superfoods in Nuverus Plus include Nigella Sativa, aloe vera, curcumin, grape seed extract (resveratrol), mangosteen, pomegranate, noni, acai, green tea, blueberry, goji, and quercetin.

Nuverus claims to have “rediscovered the wisdom of the ancients and combined it with modern science.” Nuverus Plus is the end result of that experimentation.

As an added bonus, Nuverus claims that the entire medical advisory board at the company not only recommends patients drink this beverage – but they also drink it themselves on a daily basis.

Nuverus Elav8 Energy

Nuverus Elav8 Energy is a more traditional energy drink. It comes in the form of energy shots – kind of like the 5 Hour Energy drinks you see at gas stations. Each “shot” contains purified green tea caffeine, which promises to work more powerfully than laboratory produced synthetic caffeine.

Specific ingredients within each energy shot include blueberry, apple, pear, grape, and cherry. Together, these fruits provide high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help boost your energy even further.

The shots also contain a “base” of aloe vera in order to enhance absorption and re-hydrate the body. Many of us feel tired simply because we’re dehydrated, and Nuverus aims to solve that problem by moisturizing your body from within and delivering high levels of powerful natural ingredients.

You can drink Nuverus Elav8 Energy on its own or blend it with a smoothie.

Nuverus Trim

Nuverus Trim is a unique supplement that adds delicious and healthy flavor to water. You add 10 to 15 drops of Trim to your water at your mid-morning snack time in order to satisfy hunger cravings.

By drinking Nuverus Trim throughout the day, you can avoid having big lunches and big snacks at any time of the day. Researchers at Nuverus claim “you will eat 25-50% less at lunch.”

The syrup-like beverage is made from seven different ingredients, including black seed, black currant, green coffee bean extract, Garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone, panax ginseng, and cayenne pepper.

Many of these natural ingredients have been linked to powerful appetite suppression benefits. You’ll find plenty of Garcinia cambogia supplements sold on their own in the weight loss industry, for example. So by combining multiple appetite suppressors together, Nuverus aims to complement your existing diet and exercise routine and make it easier to stick with calorie-restricted diets.

Nuverus NuBlend

Nuverus NuBlend is primarily made from black seed oil with other ingredients like green coffee bean and white chia. It’s a “superfood blend for optimal health and weight management.”

How exactly does that help you? NuBlend claims to act as a probiotic and as a quality protein while delivering high fiber and low carbohydrates.

Like most of the other Nuverus ingredients, it contains high levels of antioxidants per serving. Each serving is also under 100 calories – so you can easily take it to support your existing diet or exercise routine.

Nuverus lists the full ingredients list for all of its products except for NuBlend – so we don’t know exactly what’s inside this protein-like powder.

The Nuverus Opportunity

Nuverus functions in a similar way to most other multilevel marketing companies. Members become part of a binary compensation plan that includes the following features:

-A referral bonus “up to 20%”

-Retail commissions on personal sales “up to 20%”

-Earn up to $120,000 per month

-Nuverus-branded MasterCard credit card

-Leaders Pool Bonus

-Dual Sponsorship plan

Anytime a company uses the phrase “up to”, it’s a bit of a red flag. How much can you actually earn on retail sales? What do you actually get paid from your referral bonus? It probably won’t be 20%. And you probably won’t be earning $120,000 per month.

In fact, the level at which you join determines how much you can earn on each sale and referral. There are three different levels you can join at, including:

Basic Kit: $199

-Earn 10% on all retail sales

Business Kit: $399

-Earn 15% on all retail sales

Professional Kit: $99

-Earn 20% on all retail sales

All kits also receive a “Nuverus Success Kit” that includes marketing and training materials. You also get your own Nuverus Global website and a personalized back-office system. You can receive online weekly training sessions from Nuverus Success Coaches and immediately receive wholesale prices on Nuverus products.

If you want to remain an active member of Nuverus, then you’ll need to order a certain amount of product from the company each month. Nuverus claims that “you will want the products for you and your family.”

If you stop ordering Nuverus products at any point, your membership is immediately canceled and you will not be able to earn commissions and bonuses.

If you become one of the company’s top salespeople, then you can expect to enjoy a luxury car bonus, fast start bonus, and other unique advantages. You can read some success stories at the official Nuverus if you’re interested.

How to Buy Nuverus Products

You can buy Nuverus products online at the official Nuverus website, where you’ll be redirected to

Alternatively, you can buy the same products from a member’s website, which looks mostly identical to the official Nuverus site. You can also purchase products directly from a salespeople in your area.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for different Nuverus products:

Nuverus Plus

-1 x 32 oz bottle: $59.99

-2 x 32 oz bottles: $114.99

-4 x 32 oz bottles: $169.99

Elav8 Energy

-30 x 2 oz bottles: $107.95

Nuverus Trim

-12 x 1.69 oz bottles: $124.99

-24 x 16.9 oz bottles: $249.95

Keep in mind that these are retail prices. When you order wholesale, you can knock 10% to 20% off all of the above prices. By selling them at retail prices, you earn your commission.

Nuverus is currently available in 20 different countries around the world, including all of the following: Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Grenada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Portugal, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, USA, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Nuverus claims to have begun an “aggressive international expansion” in 2011, so it may be coming to your country next.

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