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NWC Living is among the latest MLM opportunities floating around the web. Upon first glance, the possibility seems intriguing, especially with the promise of making money to change your life for just a few dollars a day or less. The promise of empowerment and success is alluring enough to take a closer look.

What is NWC Living?

After reading the introductory text on the first page of the website, it is only natural to want to know the person behind the scenes. Unfortunately, there is nothing that provides any information as to who owns or operates the company.

Although there is no way of knowing who the person is behind the scenes, you can determine that the business is relatively new. The domain name was recently purchased as of June 22, 2016.

The website owner listed is a man by the name of Amos Brazan, though there is no way of knowing if he is the one that operates the NWC Living company.

Of course, one might assume that he is the owner considering that a search for his name reveals that he had a hand in some past business opportunities. For instance, he is associated with The Rush Opportunity.

Of course, it looks like The Rush Opportunity no longer exists. He is also affiliated with World Team Builder and ALL in One Profits. Otherwise, there is nothing that outright indicates that he owns and operates NWC Living.

The Product

NWC Living does not really have a product line. Instead what they have is an affiliate membership that they sell. In return for purchasing an affiliate membership, you receive credits that allow you to advertise on their website.

Otherwise, you will quickly find that there is absolutely no product line that you need to purchase to take part in the NWC Living opportunity. Instead, what you will find, is repetitive text telling you over and over again just how great the company’s matrix compensation plan is for you.

The Opportunity

Just like any other MLM opportunity, you make money by sponsoring others. You receive a commission from anyone that signs up for the company as an affiliate based on your recommendation. To qualify as an affiliate, you must pay a fee of $2.50.

Once you purchase a position, you are able to earn four subsequent payments of $2.50 each for a total of $10. After you make your initial $10, you will need to purchase another position for $2.50, which allows you to earn another $10 and so on.

Essentially, you are paying in $2.50 and making a profit of $7.50. The cycle seems rather competitive and challenging. This certainly is not a get rich quick opportunity. You cannot set it and forget it like you can with many other MLM opportunities.

Instead, you must work to convince others to signup underneath you as an affiliate to earn money off their $2.50 position payment. If you are good at convincing people to sign up for various programs and opportunities, this MLM investment could very well pay off for you.

NWC Living Verdict

In truth, the position cost is pretty cheap at just $2.50. If you can afford to lose that much, it might be worth looking to see if this is a good opportunity for you. Keep in mind that if you are not a people person or you find it hard to pitch ideas to others, this might not be the best idea for you.

Since there is no real product line and there is no guarantee that you will earn money unless you get others to sign up, it seems as though this isn’t really worth the time or effort. There isn’t anything that indicates the company is out to scam people, but it is possible that you will lose your $2.50 investment if you do not convince people to sign up.

This company has a no refund policy, which also raises some red flags. Unless you have some serious communication skills and the ability to talk people, complete strangers that is, into doing whatever it is you wish, this opportunity might be better left untouched.

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