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NWorld is a personal care product company that provides direct sales commissions to affiliates who enroll and then market the company's products. These products range from skin and hair treatments to nutritional supplements, with a particular emphasis on skin whitening.


NWorld, sometimes referred to as Alphanet World, is a Philippines-based company run by Julius Nolasco, who is listed as president and CEO.

Former to running NWorld, Nolasco was the head of another, similar company known as Royal Business Club that sold nearly identical products and had a very similar compensation plan.

However, Royal (and Nolasco) ran afoul of the law in 2015 for three years' worth of unpaid taxes. The company was fined the equivalent of $8.13 million for tax evasion. Shortly after this event, Royal seems to have shuttered with NWorld springing up in its place. This leads us to believe that NWorld may be a rebrand of Royal under a different name, or at least Nolasco's effort to relaunch a very similar company that is close as possible to the original one to retain its previous market share and affiliate count.

Since its inception, NWorld seems to be up to date with its tax filing status with the Filipino version of the SEC. Nolasco may have learned a hard lesson in keeping his nose clean after having to deal with such a hefty fine and the collapse of his previous company.

NWORLD Product

  • There is a large product line that NWorld offers to customers and affiliates alike. All of these products reside firmly in the “personal care” sector; an incomplete list includes:
  • body gels
  • powdered nutritional supplement drinks
  • multivitamins
  • coffee mixes
  • antioxidant supplements
  • facial cleansers
  • premium soaps
  • hydrating skin creams
  • skin whitening products

and many other similar products, either as individual ones or package deals.

Pricing, oddly enough, is not available on the NWorld website. Instead, individuals interested in purchasing these products are encouraged to contact a direct sales affiliate to place orders.

NWORLD Opportunity

There are several interrelated opportunities to earn commissions NWorld provides to direct sales affiliates. First are direct sales commissions, with affiliates earning 25% of the price of an individual product or 20% of the price of a package or bundle of products.

Next, the company offers residual commissions on sales volume on a binary compensation scheme. Sales for the entire team of affiliates is calculated using personal volume (PV) for an affiliate's personal sales and purchases and group volume (GV) across both sides of the binary structure.

For every 1050 GV on both sides of the binary, a commission of approximately $41 USD is generated. In order to be eligible for this commission, an affiliate must produce a minimum of 120 PV every month. This can be from sales made to customers or other affiliates, purchases made for personal use, or a mixture of both.

NWorld also offers a “coded bonus” structure, with payouts dependent on affiliate rank. This commission can climb as high as 60% of PV that's generated by product orders, with the lowest rank of affiliates (Novices) receiving 5% and the highest rank (Alpha Mentors) receiving the full 60%.

Becoming a NWorld affiliate requires purchasing a purchase a Retailer’s Kit for the equivalent of $9.80 USD. In order to unlock the full potential of the program, affiliates are also required to purchase a $312.80 “Platinum Package.” Both the kit and the package contain products that can then be resold.

NWORLD Verdict

On the surface, NWorld looks like just another direct sales company that specializes in personal care and beauty products. At the same time, the somewhat checkered past of CEO Julius Nolasco does need to be mentioned; while he does seem to be on the straight and narrow at the moment, it's important that anyone interested in Nolasco's company should be aware of past performance.

We do have some fears that the compensation plan for NWorld focuses too much on mandatory product purchases. This can sometimes be a sign of an unsavory auto-ship recruitment scheme, where the focus is shifted away from selling to customers and more towards recruiting as many affiliates as possible.

Your mileage may vary. If you want to check out NWorld as a direct sales opportunity, we suggest some caution.

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