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Looking for a new way to make money online? Have you ever thought about creating websites and selling them? That is what Omni Xpress is all about.

With this new revolutionary system, you can create stunning websites that have storefronts and anything else you can imagine. Then once the site is complete, all you have to do is get traffic flowing to the new site and then sell the site to the highest bidder.

In fact, Omni Xpress allows you to build amazing websites with nearly a click of a button. Simply drag and drop what you want on your website. You don't need coding or any HTTP know how. The system does it all for you.

What IsĀ Omni Xpress?

According to the site, the owners and creators of Omni Xpress are Radu and Han. When doing a quick Google search for these two that have them linked with Omni Xpress there isn't much that shows up.

You will find however a man by the name of Radu Hahaianu. When looking further into Radu Hahaianu, you will discover that he is actually the sole creator of Omni Xpress.

There is no information on when the site was launched. You will find Omni Xpress listed on JVZoo for sale. As far as Han is concerned, there is no information about this individual.

The name Han does show up on another product that Radu is linked with and Mr. Han Fan is associated with Omni Xpress as well as signed at the bottom of the web page for Omni Xpress.

Omni Xpress Product

So, what exactly is Omni Xpress? It is a simple and powerful platform that will allow you to create stunning websites for $66.97.

What you get when you buy this all-inclusive package is mind blowing. You will get a full web platform that allows you to create 1-click graphics and images. Plus you will get 10 ready to sell built in websites that you can customize to make your own.

You can also count on the done-for-you hosting and support with ready made products lined up ready for you to start selling.

Each site is created with a drag and drop creation tool. Plus you don't have to worry about building an email list or any of the autoresponder software needed for a successful website since it is all built-in to this system.

But there is so much more that is included that for the low price of $66.97 it is a complete steal.

Omni Xpress Opportunity

With Omni Xpress being sold through the JVZoo platform you can earn money as an affiliate. You simply have to be signed up with JVZoo and get your affiliate link before you go spreading the word about Omni XPress.

Omni Xpress Verdict

At first glance, Omni Xpress seems like a dream come true. After all, who doesn't want a built-in ready to go system that allows you to create websites and then sell those sites?

The only problem is though you have to get traffic to those newly created sites before anyone would even consider buying them. And getting traffic is the hardest part of owning and creating a site.

It doesn't matter if you have the best products on the market; if the traffic isn't there the site will fail. Omni Xpress doesn't explain this aspect at all. All the website does is show you how they created their websites and sold them on Flippa.

As long as you understand that after you build your site you are responsible for making it popular before you try to sell it, then you should be good.

All in all, the product is worth checking out. The whole platform makes it super easy to build and recreate responsive websites. Just don't get it expecting to sell your site right away.

You got to get the traffic and sales up first, then you can make the big bucks selling the successful website to someone else.


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